Customer Footage: Extreme Cold Winter Time Lapse in Pisgah National Forest

We love seeing customers successfully using our products forwinter time lapse in the extreme cold. NichaolasHolshouserrecently sent us another beautiful time lapse. He captured it inPisgah National Forest, North Carolina at 6,000 feet in elevation along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It covers January 20-21, during the eclipse. Temperatures dipped into the single digits (5F/ -15C as the low). The time lapse kit had already been in the field for two weeks prior to this.



He adjusts his set-up slightly in order to prepare for the winter conditions. He used Blink with a HERO4 camera and a 10-Watt Solar charger with integrated charge controller to allow for cold weather charging.With the anticipation of some seriously cold weather, Holshouser uses larger and heavier 12V lead acid batteries.When retrieving his set-up, he was delighted to find a full battery and that Blink had held up in the cold temperatures beautifully.

Here’s another video shot a week prior, featuring some gorgeous dancing clouds.



When asked about his winter time lapse tips, here are a few things he mentioned to keep in mind:

  • Use a rain repellant like Rain-X on lens exterior to help shed rain drops and make snow slide off faster
  • Use a fog repellent (Rain-X also sells one) on the inside just in case you do get any condensation it helps keep the inside of the lens from fogging
  • Use lead-acid batteries only for better cold weather performance than lithium batteries
  • Solar charging must have temperature compensation to avoid risk of damaging battery or failing to charge

    About Nick Holshouser:

    By day, Nick is a Software Engineer working for SAP Labs, LLC. Outside of work and outside in general he’s an avid woodsman, amateur naturalist, and aspiring photographer/filmmaker. He spends as much time as possible in the woods, camera in hand. He’s constantly working to improve his photography skills over the last several years and is hooked on time lapse & remote nature photography. Follow him onFacebook &Vimeo