Magnificent Super Blood Moon Time Lapse Videos
Lunar Time Lapse

Did you get a chance to catch Sunday’s Super Blood Wolf Moon total lunar eclipse? It was a pretty incredible sight. And of course we were interested in checking out all of the great time lapse videos that captured the amazing lunar event. While we’re not in the business of astro time lapse, it’s no secret that we’re fans. Time lapse is such an amazing medium to view the the events of the world around us… on land, in water or in the sky!

This one was done by Global News… and it’s beautiful! 

And here is another from USA Today.

The sun, moon and Earth lined up to create the eclipse, and was visible throughout North and South America. In addition to the Americas, the entire lunar event could be seen all the way across the Atlantic ocean into to parts of Europe.

Why was it referred to as a Super Blood Wolf Moon?It was a supermoon due to the moon being closer to the Earth than usual, making it bigger and brighter. It was a Blood Moon because during a total lunar eclipse, the Earth blocks the light from the sun,scattering the sunlight off of the Earth’s atmosphere, giving the moon’s surface a red glow.It was a Wolf Moon because Native Americans and colonial Europeans called January’s full moon the wolf moon because wolves in the region would start howling due to hunger in winter, according toThe Old Farmer’s Almanac. Nowadays, it’s the traditional name for a January full moon.There you have it. Super Blood Wolf Moon.