Customer Footage: Remote Monitoring of Koh Samui Beach, Thailand

by Katherine Wittman June 28, 2018

Customer Footage: Remote Monitoring of Koh Samui Beach, Thailand

CamDo customer Arkadiy Kulev recently shared the perfect travel footage with a live stream of the beach at Koh Samui, Thailand.

As part of a live stream project coordinated by Arkadiy and his partner, Evgeniia Pavlova, of, this footage is not only perfect for live remote monitoring, but is also used in marketing efforts for this restaurant and beach resort in Thailand.

Site Monitoring Footage For Marketing and Branding Purposes

Footage and remote monitoring live streams like the video below, are just a part of's mission to help restaurants, resorts, beach clubs, or other places with beautiful views build up their brand image and boost their marketing efforts.

Having live stream footage like what Arkadiy and the team at provide can help to:

  • build up brand awareness
  • reach a targeted audience more likely to convert into paying customers
  • keep a brand or business top of mind
  • provide eye-catching content for social media and other platforms

In this case, this type of remote monitoring footage is ideal to capture the eye of those looking for a beach vacation. Who doesn't love being able to tune in to a live stream of a tropical paradise and imagine sitting on that very beach?

DryX Weatherproof Enclosure for Remote Monitoring

For their remote monitoring efforts, is using CamDo Solutions' DryX Weatherproof Enclosure with their GoPro camera.

According to Arkadiy, the "DryX looks great and provides awesome security for the camera itself", despite being placed in a location where it is exposed to high temperatures, intense sun and UV exposure, blowing sand, and spectacular thunderstorms.

Our DryX enclosure is the same enclosure that accompanies our SolarX Enclosure Power System, and is meant to be completely weatherproof, crush-proof, air tight, UV resistant, and are built to keep your remote monitoring footage safe whether you need to "escape" with a live stream of the beach, monitor your construction or other project site, or just simply have the very best protection for your GoPro camera. 

Check out our full line of products here, click here for more information about the DryX Weatherproof enclosure, or click below if you have any questions about solutions for your next remote monitoring project.

Katherine Wittman
Katherine Wittman


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