FREE CamDoMachine Time Lapse Software Now Available for Download

CamDo Solutions has released CamDoMachine, our free time lapse software, to help you to create time lapse footage easily, quickly, and without bloated software.

Our time lapse software was designed to be simple to use: CamDoMachine can take images from any source, including ShootX. Other time lapse software like GoPro Studio is a powerful tool, but it only allows the use of GoPro footage.

The best part about CamDoMachine? It's completely free!

Time Saving Time Lapse Software

We know that you're busy and don't always have the time to navigate through complex time lapse software that requires additional training to use, but you need to produce high-quality time lapse footage for various efforts, whether they be:

  • training and on-boarding purposes
  • project management 
  • marketing and promotional materials
  • environmental or other occupational reporting

It was in that spirit that we created CamDoMachine time lapse software to be freely available, simple to use, and easily integrated into your workflow so that you're not wasting time on creating your time lapse footage.

Easy Exports

After you export your CamDoMachine time lapse footage, the file can be easily uploaded into other post-production software to enhance your footage, whether you'd like to add music, captions, or any other post-production effects.

Plus, the exported file from CamDoMachine won't eat up all of your computer's memory, depending on the length of your time lapse footage. Really: it's simple and completely user-friendly! 

Check out the CamDoMachine time lapse software in action in the video below:


Free Download for Windows, MAC, and Linux

CamDoMachine is available for download for Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems.

*Please note that, as CamDoMachine is free software, CamDo Solutions cannot provide any product support beyond initial download; however, the software is designed to be extremely user-friendly, and we have a basic guide available here. If you do find a glitch, please feel free to contact support and let us know.