Biking Around Town: Hyperlapse of Vancouver’s Stanley Park

On this occasion we’re not demonstrating any of CamDo’stime lapse camera solutions, ofcool time lapse videos by our customers, but rather the nativetime lapse within GoPro cameras... but with a twist. We’re talking abouthyperlapse!

As an Australian living in Vancouver I really miss the sunshine ;( however, this is a great chance to showcase what an amazing city Vancouver is, especially when the sun is out! This particular bike ride was aroundVancouver’s Stanley Park. It’s always great when a city reserves a nature park downtown. It was a lot of fun capturing this hyperlapse, and having traveled to many corners of the globe my opinion is this is one of the most spectacular (sorryNYC andSydney)!

Hyperlapse can be thought of as a moving time lapse. The software products that do the stitching, will often trim off the difference (diagonal edges) from one frame to the next frame to make the transition between frames much smoother. Anyway you cut it, time lapse or hyperlapse is an amazing way of condensing time. Of course no one would watch a 2-year video of a construction project, but a 2-minuteconstruction time lapse video... sure! Similarly, I’d never watch a 3-hour video of a bike ride, but I’ll gladly watch a 3-minute hyperlapse!



On this occasion I used a HERO4 Silver, with a full battery to make sure it lasted the entire bike ride. Thecamera mount was a standard GoPro mount along with some plastic cable ties. I dug this one from the archives of 2016, so thinking back, I “think” the interval was 2 seconds.

Although it was a little time consuming, it was important to stop at certain landmarks and hold my bike as still as possible for as long as possible. You can see at one of the landmark pit stops, Brockton Point Lighthouse, a fellow tourist accidentally knocked over my bike, which did make thecamera mount move out of place. The repositioned frame was barely noticeable.

For the post-production, I usedMS Hyperlapse Pro. After several attempts at different speeds, and stability tweaks, it was done!

Equipment used:

  • GoPro HERO4 camera
  • GoPro Mount
  • Lexar 1000X U3 rated SD card
  • MS Hyperlapse Pro

GoPro settings:

  • Time lapse interval 2-seconds
  • 12MP wide stills