Customer Footage: Fireweed Building Mural Time Lapse

Brett Eichenberger, Resonance Productions Director and Producer, recently used our Blink, our 6 Watt Solar Enclosure and a GoPro HERO4 camera to capture the completion of a beautiful mural on a building in downtown Portland, Oregon.  

Eichnberger was contacted by the owner of the building to document the process and the mural took about three weeks to complete.Mona, the artist behind the work, is internationally famous for these murals.

Overall, the time lapse project ran smoothly for Eichenberger. He was able to mount the camera on a C-Stand in an undisturbed, protected area. A time lapse photographers dream!  

As for his experience with using CamDo products, Eichenberger says: “I love the awesome innovation CamDo is doing. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

We can't either! 

You can follow Eichenberger and Resonance Productions onVimeo and Twitter at @storiestold.