GoPro Quik vs GoPro Studio

GoPro has always provided tools to help users edit their content. In the past, GoPro Studio was the only desktop app available for photo and video editing. With the release of the HERO5 product line, GoPro split their editing software into GoPro Studio and GoPro Quik. So what are the differences?

GoPro Quik

In short, Quik is a lite editing software to help you access, manage, and share your content. It’s primary purpose is to help users quickly (hence the name!) upload content from the camera, make simple edits, and post it to Facebook or Youtube.

GoPro Quik

Quik has other features like adding soundtracks to the clips, however you’re limited to 10 stock songs unless you sign up for a GoPro Plus account.

GoPro Studio

GoPro Studio is a more advanced version of Quik. This software will allow you to do more advanced editing such as modifying the size, frame rate, and image quality. You can also add templates, music, and title blocks to your videos.

One great feature that is only available with GoPro Studio (not Quik) is the ability to create a time lapse movie from singular images without having to use the ‘Time Lapse’ setting on the camera. This is particularly useful when combined with ourBlink Time Lapse Controller since this will power down the camera in between shots to conserve battery.

GoPro Studio

Compared to full blown editing software such as Adobe Premier or Final Cut, GoPro Studio can be somewhat limiting. However, if all you need is a simple tweak of the video settings then Studio is more than enough. Don’t use a hammer to kill a fly! And while GoPro no longer offers this software on their website, it can be found elsewhere on the web if it's something you're interested in using.


I’m not really sure why GoPro decided to split the software into two apps since it appears they could’ve combined them to get the same functionality. Either way, Quik and Studio work hand in hand so if you plan on using one you will most likely want to use the other. Here’s a short rundown of the differences:

Feature GoPro Quik GoPro Studio 
Upload content from camera
Share via Facebook & YouTube
Trip and splice video clips
Add music
GoPro time lapse editing
Time lapse editing/editing from singular images
Fisheye removal
Slow motion effects
Edit frame rate and image size
Edit white balance, exposure, contrast, etc.


We’ll revisit this review as updates are released so stay tuned!