Time Lapse Packs for GoPro (HERO4)

4K Quality TimeLapse

Easy to Deploy

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Everything you need to deliver long term time lapse videos 

camera_enhanceHigh Quality

  • GoPro 4K Image Quality
  • Wide capture angle (if desired)
  • Perfect for marketing videos

monetization_onGreat value

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Quick ROI
  • Re-deploy on your next project

powerPower Options

  • Solar Power
  • AC Permanent Power
  • Battery Power


  • Using Blink time lapse controller
    • Customise 10 separate schedules
    • Weekly or daily
    • Day, night, burst and video modes

date_rangeLong Term Operation

  • Operate for months or even years
  • Customisable power storage capacities

ac_unitTough Environments

  • Weather proof
  • Crush proof
  • Breathable enclosure
  • UV Resistant

textsmsEmail Home 2 Weeks Free

  • Receive a daily email summary:
    • # of Photos taken
    • SD card status
    • Battery status
  • Peace of mind everything is working

    If you are using HERO5 cameras, please check out this alternate page here.

    Need help choosing the right pack to suit your project? Please visit our Time Lapse Calculator here - it will make product recommendations based on your project requirements.

    Choose from the following packs for your project. Just add your GoPro Hero3+/4 camera.

    We also have some Upgrade Options below - for when you need that little bit extra.