Bullet Cable Product Documentation

Product Use Information

For control of the GoPro camera, read the appropriate pages for the use of Super One Button Mode scripts or HERO4 csi scripts.

How to Use Your Bullet-5 Remote

Plug the push button remote into the input of the first Bullet-5 cable. Plug the control modules into your cameras’ HERO Port on the back of the camera. The push button on the remote control now operates thePower/Mode button of all the attached cameras.

HD HERO, HERO2, and HERO3 White Cameras

Enable the camera’s One Button Mode. Press and release the Remote Cable push button to turn the camera on. The camera will take a picture, or start recording video. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn the camera off.

HERO3 Black, HERO3+ and HERO4 Cameras

When used withHERO3 Black, HERO3+, andHERO4 cameras, the remote cable will turn the camera on, but will not turn it off. When used with ourSuper One Button Scripts orHERO4 CSI scripts, when the camera is turned on, the scripts will command the camera to take photos and/or videos, then shut the camera down so that it can be re-triggered by the remote. One button press can therefore be used to perform a previously scripted sequence of camera functions. Most users are content with the simple script that turns the camera on, takes a photo, then turns the camera off, each time the button is pressed.


Can the remote be used to turn the camera off?

With theHD HERO, HERO2,or HERO3 White Cameras, if you press and hold the button for 3 seconds the remote will turn the camera off. You don't even have to see the camera. The distinctive 5 to 7 beeps tells you the camera is turning off.

When used with theHERO3 Black,HERO3+or HERO4, it is possible to turn the cameras on to execute a script which takes a photo or short video and then turns the camera off. It is not possible to turn off these cameras using the cable control button. The cameras are isolated to protect the electronics of the camera.

Are the multiple camera cables compatible with the new HERO4 camera?

The multiple camera cables are compatible with all GoPro HERO cameras, except the HERO3 Silver and the entry level grey HERO cameras. This solution requires the use of GoPro’s most recent firmware in addition to a firmware patch provided by CamDo, which will be emailed to you after you purchase your product.

If you do not require a product configuration immediately, you may also be interested to know that we’re in the process of creating a new cable for the GoPro cameras which is capable of turning the camera on/off and controlling the shutter function without the use of scripts. This new product can also power the camera from an onboard mini-USB input. This option should be available by the middle of November. Beyond that, we are also making a new cable for the HERO4 cameras which is true sync (Genlock and V/H frame sync). This option should be available in early 2016.

Can I use the Bullet cable if some of the connectors are not attached to a GoPro?

There is no problem using fewer GoPro cameras on a cable with extra connectors.

Can the distance from the Bullet-5 cable to the remote be extended?

The total length of the Remote Push Button Cable is about 4 feet. The cable can be extended to any length using standard 2.5mm off-the-shelf stereo audio extension cables. Thewired remote does not provide any additional voltage. The remote simply closes contact between 2 wires. The remote can be replaced with a different trigger option that is capable of closing contact between 2 input pins to trigger the camera controller boards.

I need to take photos at exactly the same time. How accurately synchronized are the cameras when I use your cables?

The cables we sell do not synchronize the shutter. The cables turn the cameras on at the same time when the remote button is pressed.It is impossible to say what the time difference is as it depends on the internal camera hardware of each individual camera. If all cameras were from the same hardware batch then it will most likely be tighter timing than from disparate batches. What we can confirm is that it is much tighter than via WiFi. The wifi remote actually communicates with each camera sequentially which can result in circa 0.25 second gaps between cameras (also depends on distance between cameras and the WiFi remote so it is not consistent). So for 8 cameras it could easily be close to 2 seconds. Our cable setup is consistent regardless of the quantity of cameras and would normally achieve timing across all cameras of better than 0.1 secs.

If the shutters are not synchronized, how can I make a bullet time-slice video or a panorama?

Typically, our customers shoot video when the cameras are turned on. For 120fps video, the HERO4 can achieve 1080p quality and is a set up that many of our clients use to achieve tight synchronization in post production to achieve such effects as bullet time slice (made famous by the matrix movies). The sound track can be used to provide a synchronizing signal, as simple as a clapper board, or sometimes music. The frames are then grabbed from the video tracks in post production using software such as PluralEyes, AutoPano, PTGui Pro, or other products.