UpBlink Firmware

Occasionally CamDo will release updates for UpBlink to improve performance as well as unlock additional features. To determine what your firmware version is, connect to UpBlink's WiFi Access Point and navigate to the UI address ( Then look at the top of the screen. You should see something that looks like this.

Check to make sure that the version number beside UPBLINK: corresponds to the latest below.
The letter inside the brackets corresponds to a hardware version number.

Latest Stable Release

Latest Beta Release

Access the latest features via our beta releases. Note these releases potentially have bugs and are not fully supported. But if you find a bug, please let us know at support@cam-do.com - that's one of the reasons we release beta firmware. Download the latest stable release above if you are not keen on testing the new features.

BETA updates:

  • Checks SD card busy status before and after shutter triggers

If your UpBlink does not match the latest UpBlink firmware available, download the latest UpBlink firmware by clicking one of the links above. Then follow the steps outlined below or in the UpBlink User Manual to update your UpBlink.

If your UpBlink is deployed out in the field, we have a list of the changes between firmware versions at the bottom of the page that can be used to determine if a newest stable or beta firmware update requires retrieving the camera.

How to update the UpBlink firmware

  1. Download the latest UpBlink Firmware .zip File and transfer it to a USB flash drive's root folder. The USB flash drive must be using the FAT32 file saving format (typically the default format for USB drives 32GB or less).

  2. Connect the flash drive to the USB port of UpBlink.
  3. With UpBlink powered from the microUSB power port, hold the WiFi button on the top of the controller.
    UpBlink WiFi Button
  4. UpBlink will flash the LED green once per second while searching the USB port for the update file. When the firmware update file is found, the LED will flash Magenta while the firmware is updating.
    • UpBlink will skip the firmware update procedure if it cannot locate the update file on the USB flash drive. UpBlink will not be able to read the file if the update filename has been changed. The LED remains lit Red when UpBlink has failed the firmware update procedure. The failure indication LED will remain lit until another function triggers the LED. If you have ongoing issues please contact CamDo customer support.
  1. Once the LED flashes complete, connect to UpBlink's WiFi and navigate to the UpBlink UI page to verify the update.

Note: The USB flash drive must be using the FAT32 file format to be able to perform the UpBlink firmware update and Blink does not support partitioned drives or other formats. The FAT32 file saving format is the default format for PC and used with most USB flash drives under 32GB. Large capacity flash drives might be using the exFAT format which is not compatible with UpBlink. If you are using a MAC, the following link explains how to format a USB flash drive to FAT32.

If the red LED continues to occur during the firmware update process, please contact CamDo customer support.

Change log

v1.2.0 - released Jul24, 2019

New Features
  • Upload speed improvement
  • If internet is unavailable on upload schedule bootup, retry WiFi connection after accessing camera files
  • UI tooltip information
  • UI button to search for WiFi connection and latest firmware
  • Displays when disconnected from UpBlink's WiFi Access Point
Bug Fixes
  • Accommodates longer camera bootup times
  • WiFi network information can contain spaces
  • Loads a default value when invalid schedule entry is saved
  • Enable Port1 for use with wired remote

v1.1.0 - released May23, 2019

New Features
  • Stability and speed improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed timezone bug in some browsers
  • Fixed schedule skip bug in rare cases


  • Initial Release
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