Take a Trip Around Earth With the Longest Time Lapse Ever Shot From Space

A few months ago, the European Space Agency (ESA) featured a time lapse to celebrate 20 years of international collaboration and research for the benefit of Earth. It is thelongest continuous time lapse shot from space.

In just under 15 minutes, the viewer is treated to a trip around the world - twice.The time lapse video features approximately 21,375 images of Earth, all captured by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst from the International Space Station and shown 12.5 times faster than actual speed. The International Space Station travels approximately17,150 miles per hour… so as a viewer, we’re traveling at 214,375 miles per hour in this video!


The film begins over Tunisia, and crosses above Italy and parts of Europe, before plunging into nighttime, illuminating the lights of China.

“Numerous flashes of light can be observed at night time from around 02:00, this is lightning from storms and is common on our planet,” the ESAwrites. “Stars can be seen rising above the horizon through the faint glow of the atmosphere that is still illuminated by the Sun.”

While this time lapse was not shot with CamDo products, it’s beautiful and impressive. It’s incredible as a viewer to be able to witness what it looks like to orbit around the earth from space. And it showcases the breadth of what time lapse can bring to life. We’ve had customers use our products to show the seasons changing, monitoring the environment and capturing plant growth and decay. So it begs the question, CamDo current (and future) customers... what will you come with next?