UpBlink is Finally Here. Now Available for Pre-Sale

by Sarah Wallace March 12, 2019

UpBlink is Finally Here. Now Available for Pre-Sale

The wait is over.

We announced that UpBlink was coming back in December. And now, it’s available for Pre-Sale. Our aim is to help streamline your long term time lapse workflow. And with UpBlink, we have!

“Our mission has always been to help businesses and photographers capture difficult footage with a simple workflow. Whilst we’ve been capturing difficult footage for many years now, a big step that has been missing in the workflow is the upload. We’re absolutely thrilled to be providing this workflow benefit to our customers, further cementing our value of 4K for less. There are plenty more benefits still to be developed, so stay tuned!” - Todd McCann, CamDo Solutions CEO

View the video below to watch Todd walk through UpBlink features. And read on for more info.

What is UpBlink?

UpBlink is a time lapse controller for GoPro HERO5. It’s extremely easy to deploy and use, all while being the most cost effective 4K option on the market.

Where UpBlink takes things to the next level is that it also allows for remote status monitoring and automatic image upload to CloudX Pro.

Customers have been asking for these two key features for years. They’re here at last.

Now you can check on the project site remotely by viewing the latest image upload. You can also use the uploaded image to get that peace of mind to know the system is working, and if you ever need it, you have access a historical record of images.

It sounds a lot like BlinkX, right?

It’s a major evolution from BlinkX. Both products are a time lapse controller with schedule customization (via an easy-to-use web app) that offer 4K-quality footage with the option of adding remote status monitoring via CloudX Lite.

The main difference is that CloudX Pro is not available with using BlinkX -- so therefore, cloud upload is not an option with BlinkX. UpBlink does everything that BlinkX can do, only with the added option for automatic image upload to the cloud.

How does image upload work?

Pretty easy, actually! In order for image upload to work, you’ll need access to a local WiFi network or data hotspot. Additionally, you’ll need a subscription to CloudX Pro to access the upload feature. UpBlink does the rest of the work for you.

That’s right, no more frequent site visits to swap SD cards. Your kit can stay put, without being bothered, for the long term.

Does adding a hotspot require extra battery capacity?

Not really. UpBlink can control power to the hotspot via the USB port incorporated, therefore only turning on the hotspot after each image to conserve power. We know your power is valuable and designed it to utilize as little power as possible.

What is UpBlink compatible with?

It is currently compatible with HERO5 Black. The team is working to expand this to HERO6 as quickly as possible. And there are additional exciting new camera options planned this year.

That sounds amazing, where can I get mine?

UpBlink is now available for pre-sale. Get yours today and be among the first to use this exciting product. A small quantity of orders will begin shipping at the end of March, first ordered = first shipped, so order yours today! All remaining orders will ship early April.


Sarah Wallace
Sarah Wallace


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