Time Lapse Cameras vs. Construction Security Cameras

Every construction site needs to be monitored. It’s especially important to be able to keep an eye on things when you’re not on-site in person. COVID-19 has increased demand for remote surveillance on construction sites. But beyond surveillance, cameras at construction sites can provide a ton of additional benefits. 

From security threats to structural assessments, an active site is vulnerable to many factors that could interfere with productivity rates. Remote monitoring with construction security cameras is a great solution for defense. You can check progress without leaving your office via cameras installed on-site. It’s a smart tool for tracking updates and collecting information over the course of a build, which can help reassure developers and generate reports.

But first, let’s understand the difference between regular construction security cameras and time lapse cameras. A time lapse camera is intended to capture staggered snapshots (eventually leading to a time lapse video) of how your project has progressed over time. On the other hand, a construction security camera’s purpose is to monitor your worksite and protect it from theft or other damage. Time lapse cameras offer additional benefits to your construction business beyond just monitoring for security threats. This article will cover the differences between the two to help you decide which type of camera is right for your worksite. The answer might be both!

The presence of cameras on-site can improve productivity.

This is true for both types of cameras. Having visible cameras is also a great way to minimize theft and illegal dumping. 


Time lapse cameras, especially attractive models like this solar-powered system, are a great tool for increasing productivity in the remote office, too. With an easy way for off-site managers to catch up on the site’s progress, time lapse cameras can can lead to better performance all around. 

When it comes to the wow-factor, clients love time lapse videos.

Construction security cameras are for monitoring people and locations to prevent damage. That’s just not the type of content that will impress clients. When updating developers or presenting the final project, it’s important to put yourself in the clients’ shoes: What visual materials would best demonstrate the quality of our work? 

A time lapse camera is simply the easiest way to generate presentation-ready videos to impress clients. Through all types of weather and for months on end, time lapse cameras can capture high-definition visual progress of the building from the ground up. When played as a time lapse video, this content becomes a huge asset. You can impress busy developers with a concise video that demonstrates how quickly and skillfully the project came into existence. It’s a real value-add for marketing purposes, too.

Need to track progress on-site and generate project updates? Use time lapse cameras.

Security cameras are a surveillance system built to detect unsavory behavior. So if you’re looking for a tool that can visually track progress on a worksite and aid in the creation of project updates, then time lapse cameras are the right solution. Build-documentation is an important part of the construction business, and time lapse cameras make this process easy.

It’s worth pointing out that security cameras typically generate low-resolution images. They’re a way for security teams to spot aberrations in behavior and defend against threats. On the other hand, time lapse cameras capture high-resolution images for the specific purpose of sharing the images publicly. Use time lapse cameras if you need a visual project management tool that can assist with marketing and remote site visits. These cameras are perfect for getting detailed snapshots of the build so that you can ensure strict adherence to quality standards, timelines, and documentation.

Need to capture events at night? You may need a hybrid system.

Some types of time lapse cameras can capture footage in the dark, but their primary purpose is to document the progress of a build, which typically happens during the daytime. If you are looking for a basic system to keep an eye on your project overnight, then construction security cameras might offer better night vision.

But it’s important to return to your original goal before making this decision. What will you be using the footage for? If you only need to protect the security of your site, then construction security cameras will suffice. On the other hand, you should utilize time lapse cameras if you’d like to document the progression of the build site and capture footage for marketing and client-facing presentations.

Make sure you’re thinking about data security, too. You should choose a camera system that locks, endures all types of weather, is customizable, and can automatically upload content to your computer at home. Don’t make remote monitoring harder than it needs to be. Time lapse cameras can achieve several things at once, making them a smart investment for serious construction companies and developers. 

To find the right cameras for your construction site, check out CamDo’s product options. To see a visual example of a long-term time lapse video, explore our free introductory guide. Still not sure? Reach out with your questions, and an associate will be happy to assist you.


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