Three Reasons Why You Should Be Using Our CloudX Time Lapse Platform

The right platform for construction time lapse videos or photography can allow the end result to stand out, while making the process of creating these visuals smoother and less time-consuming. Launched in 2019, our  state-of-the-art online time lapse platform allows users to monitor their time lapse camera from remote locations. It also allows more storage and real-time updates as users create their time lapse masterpiece. 

When it comes to capturing daily status information, the CloudX Time Lapse Platform is perfect for all of your time lapse creation needs. The CloudX platform allows for integration with leading construction management software platforms, automatic upload to the cloud, and flexibility. Here are three important reasons why you need to make this platform a purchasing priority before you start your next project. 

Get More Control Over Your Time Lapse Projects

Get More Control Over Your Time Lapse Projects












There are several layers when creating a time lapse movie that perfectly encapsulates your construction project. You have to go through countless images, check frame rates and interval times. You will also need to ensure your time lapse camera has captured enough satisfying visuals to achieve your desired result. 

With our CloudX time lapse platform, you can access a custom dashboard to see the photos you’ve captured while getting a better overview of site progress, making project monitoring easier. The dashboard, in conjunction with the optimized operating system, makes the photo selection process less taxing and more enjoyable. CloudX is an all-in-one platform that doesn’t require extra equipment to maximize its use.

Beyond the dashboard that CloudX presents, you can integrate with construction management platforms such as  Procore,  PlanGrid,  BIM 360 and  CMiC. This allows you to view your photos without the need to switch platforms.

Get Added Flexibility 

The CloudX Time Lapse Platform allows you to have advanced control over time lapse building functionality. The purpose-built time lapse platform also allows you to update firmware, optimizing your camera’s operating system and giving you added control over the system features and functions. You’ll get advanced control measures such as skipping images and changing  intervals at a moment’s notice. You can also schedule to skip weekends if necessary. 

The robust features of CloudX Time Lapse Platform make it a must-buy. You get a host of flexible sharing options with the time lapse platform. Furthermore, while you’re doing remote status monitoring (where emails are routinely sent), you’ll get updates confirming how much SD card space you have left as well as the number of photos taken since the previous email was sent.

You can set up multiple email addresses while using the time lapse platform. Furthermore, it allows you to organize a schedule to determine how often you should receive email notifications regarding daily status information. 

Get Seamless Access 

A good time lapse platform is only as good as the access it affords you. When you purchase a compatible product like the UpBlink, you get a free trial to use the CloudX Time Lapse Platform. You will then be prompted to enter all necessary details into the user interface for your product. Once your free account is set up you’ll receive login details via email. 

To subsequently gain continuous access to the time lapse platform, you need a subscription. On the contrary, if you have to deploy the platform to your servers, there’s an  FTP license option available. The license option prevents you from having to do regular maintenance, all for a low monthly fee. You can also view images through the CloudX portal and time lapses are automatically generated. Utilizing the UpBlink, this option also allows you to put image upload integrations into the infrastructure you have. 

For optimal performance, the time lapse platform requires your UpBlink controller to be near a functional WiFi access point with an internet connection. This can either be done through an open WiFi network or a WPA secure network, though older WEP secure networks are not supported. If you’ve purchased your UpBlink time lapse controller, you can upload all images to CloudX. By doing so, you’ll be able to create crisp time lapse videos automatically. 

The CloudX Time Lapse Platform is centered around convenience while ensuring you can connect in a variety of ways from several environments. The flexibility the time lapse platform offers can cut down the time you’re spending to capture visuals from construction sites significantly while creating videos that are top quality and documenting the best aspects of your projects. 

With these benefits, our CloudX Time Lapse Platform can transform how you create time lapse videos and allow you to pay more attention to detail with every aspect of a project.  Get your CloudX platform today.