How to Choose a Solar-Powered Construction Time Lapse Camera System

If you’re choosing a solar-powered construction time lapse camera, there are many things you need to look for to get the equipment that will serve you the best. In general, you’ll want camera equipment that will meet your requirements at a low cost of ownership. And, if you’re deploying a camera in an area where there is no convenient power source, you’ll want solar-powered equipment. Here are the things you need to look for to get the best match. What to Look for in a Solar-Powered Construction Time Lapse Camera

  1. Reliable 4K-Quality. Image quality is important, especially if you’re planning to do any post-processing. For example, if you want to zoom in on part of the image, it will distort significantly unless the original shots were taken at a good level of quality.
  2. Easy to Deploy. Look for equipment that is easy to mount and that has the settings you need to let the camera do the work of managing things such as shot intervals for you.
  3. Remote Monitoring Via the Cloud. It doesn’t make sense to monitor the filming by removing the camera pack to access the images you’re collecting. Camera systems that you use should have the ability to upload images to the cloud, allowing you to monitor the images from any location where you have an internet connection.
  4. Small and Compact Equipment. While you’ll need quality images, you need a balance between quality and size of the equipment. The smaller the technology pack is, the easier it will be to deploy and manage.
  5. Flexible Mounting System. When you deploy the camera, it can be difficult to position it securely and get the right perspective of the site at the same time. Having a rugged mounting system that can deploy at a variety of angles solves this.
  6. Reliable in Different Weather Conditions. You don’t need a camera that is submersible, but it does need to work in rain, high winds, and hot/cold temperatures.
  7. Power Saving. When you’re running on solar power, you need to conserve power to the greatest extent possible.
  8. Long-Term Operation Capacity. When you’re doing time lapse photography on a construction site, it may take a relatively long time. You need an equipment configuration that can stand up against the weather for a long time, and that is set up to make management easy.

How CamDo Measures Up


Choosing the right solar-powered construction time lapse camera will make the process of filming for any purpose much easier. It will save time, save money, and ensure that you get the best outcome. CamDo’s Construction TimeLapse Camera Packs provide the features and flexibility you need.

  1. Quality Images. You may not need 4K image quality for every application, but cost-effective 4K-quality lets you use CamDo construction time lapse packs for all your photography needs.
  2. Easy Deployment. Our solutions are easy to deploy due to the strong weather-proof housing that gives you flexibility in choosing a location for the camera. The Swivel Mount system is made from marine-grade aluminum and can be mounted on a flat or rounded surface.
  3. Remote Monitoring. It’s easy with CamDo’s CloudX online time lapse platform. You can monitor the status of the camera when it sends you email updates with a heartbeat status, and you can upload images that will allow you to check the positioning of the camera remotely.
  4. Compact. The CamDo construction time lapse packs are smaller than many comparable cameras on the market. The compact size makes it easy to deploy, and the rugged construction gives the packs exceptional strength over the long term. You also have the flexibility of running the camera using solar, AC power, or standalone external battery.
  5. Flexible Mounting. The swing arm portion of the Swivel Mount pivots to allow for full 360-degree rotation. The other end of the arm is a ball and socket system that allows for a 360-degree rotation with a 180-degree pivot. You’ll have all the flexibility you need for getting just the right shots.
  6. Rugged Construction. CamDo offers the rugged construction that will keep it running in a range of outside conditions. The case has padlock holes to keep it secure, and GORE-TEX vents to avoid condensation on the lens.
  7. Saves Power. CamDo’s construction time lapse packs are structured to save power wherever possible. For example, UpBlink ensures that the camera powers down in between shots to conserve power.
  8. Fit for the Long Haul. CamDo’s time lapse packs are built for long-term operation, from the rugged nature of the construction to the ease of monitoring using the cloud.
9W Solar Kit

In addition to the construction and flexibility of the time lapse system itself, CamDo is committed to helping you make the best decisions on products and their usage. Our Camera Strategy Tool will help you develop the right camera strategy for your job site. The document can be used to streamline your internal and external team approval.

Our Time Lapse Calculator and Solar Power Calculator will help you calculate the intervals you need between shots based on the length of your shoot, the length of your finished video clip, and more.

The calculator also lets you easily determine your power requirements, whether you’re using the camera’s internal battery, external batteries, or solar power. And, we’re always glad to help to ensure that you have the information you need to get the best outcome for your project.

CamDo construction time lapse packs are very competitively priced. You can save money on your project or use two or three cameras to get more angles and more information when you’re using remote monitoring.

When you’re choosing a solar-powered construction time lapse camera, CamDo has the flexible construction time lapse packs that will make your next project a success. Contact CamDo today to get your questions answered.


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