Introducing BlinkX: our most powerful time lapse controller, now available for HERO5.

Blink has been the most successful product we’ve launched as a company. We received so much positive feedback about this product and many examples of the amazing ways in which our customers are capturing unique footage - for business, pleasure and everything in between.

“Blink provides a tremendous upgrade in functionality to the GoPro (something they should have programmed in). Probably the most essential accessory that I can think of.” - CamDo Customer

However, the most requested feature was for Blink to be compatible withHERO5 Black and HERO5 Session. The engineering team spent many months re-engineering Blink to adapt to the new HERO5 USB-C connection and protocols. But they didn’t stop there. They wanted to make the next iteration, known as BlinkX, an even better product than before. Here’s what they did.

Compatibility. BlinkX is now compatible with GoPro HERO5 and HERO5 Session. Use it with other CamDo products like the SolarX and DryX enclsoures, Motion Detector, Underwater WiFi cable and more!

Camera WiFi Control.Allows for manual download of data or aligning setup through the GoPro app.

Time and Date SchedulingAllows camera to be set up before a project starts without wasting images/power.

Built-In WiFi Enable Button. A wired remote trigger is no longer needed!

On board Real Time Clock. Holds date/time if left unpowered for up to 2 years.

Lower Power Consumption.~10x power savings in between schedules compared to the original Blink.

Improved user interface A more intuitive, user friendly design to allow for web based setup on your device.

Universal strap mount. Allows for mounting in multiple ways for greater flexibility.

BlinkX looks similar but has been re-built from the ground-up internally. It has a better UI, better battery life, an internal clock to maintain time if the camera loses time, a slicker UI, the ability to have start and end dates so increase or decrease your schedule in response to construction programmes. It truly is a better product.” Dean E - CamDo CTO

Not to mention, it is compatible with HERO5. Finally!

“There were lots of changes interfacing to the camera - USB-C complications, authentication requirements, component availability, customised cable solutions - it really required a lot of hurdles to be jumped!” Dean explains.

Of course, you still get the same great features that made Blink our best selling product. You can still schedule up to ten different time lapse and/or motion detection schedules for Blink. If you have an internet connection, you can use Blink Email to receive real time updates on BlinkX (you get one month free with a BlinkX purchase!). It is so simple to set up - you can start shooting your first time lapse project minutes after taking it out of the box.

You can pre-order the BlinkX unit on its own, or snag one of three BlinkX time lapse packs. We expect to begin shipping in early October.