GoPro Uses CamDo Solutions' Underwater WIFI Extension Cable to Livestream Shark Dive via Periscope

In case you missed it, on Thursday, GoPro livestreamed GoPro athletes Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino as they were diving with Great Hammerhead sharks to the world on Periscope -- the first time this has ever been attempted. The dive took place off of the island of the Bahamian island of Bimini.

“I have been diving with sharks for almost 24 years. This part of the Bahamas is hands down the greatest shark diving on planet earth, when it comes to clear water and a number of different species of sharks. Out of all my trips, this will be my first time with the great hammerheads. And it is definitely the first time I’ve ever done a live Periscope while shark diving!” –Jeb Corliss

Above: GoPro athlete Jeb Corliss dives with sharks | Image source:
Above: GoPro athlete Jeb Corliss dives with sharks | Image source:

Equipment was key in order to achieve this livestream feat. And we were happy to be part of the setup. The GoPro team used the CamDo Solutions Underwater WIFI Extension cable and four GoPro HERO4 Black Edition cameras, each shooting in different frame rates and capturing still images. Standard GoPro mounts were aso used to attach the live GoPro Periscope feed to the side of a Guardian Full Face underwater communications mask, so Periscopers could watch live from the divers’ POV and hear all communication that Corliss and Mancino underwater. The Underwater WIFI Extension cable sends the signal to the surface and is tethered to an iPhone so that it can be broadcast.

“What is truly amazing is anyone with a WiFi extension cable, a cell phone, Periscope app and a GoPro can live broadcast their dives to the world,” says Corliss. “It’s hard to express how amazing this truly is…something like this usually requires huge productions with large budgets. Now this will be something everyone will be able to do!”
Corliss is right. We're seeing livestreaming explode with platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live, Meerkat and more. And we're excited to specifically aid in the ability to broadcast from the water via Periscope with your GoPro. For step-by-step instructions on how to set yourself up with underwater livestream capabilities using our CamDo Solutions Underwater WIFI Extension Cable, read our post “Setting up your GoPro for Underwater Livestreaming with Periscope”.


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