Customer Time Lapse: 7-Month Industrial Warehouse Rehabilitation & Construction

CamDo customer Albert Sanfeliu recently shared footage of a recent 7-month project that he completed through his company, Pandora Box TV. The video shows the rehabilitation of an industrial warehouse for loading, unloading, and storage of products that arrive via sea transport. The ship was badly damaged, both internally and externally, so steel masts had to be placed outside for the first five months in order to have a high point of the space.




The cameras were programmed from 5am to 9pm, with one photo being taken every five minutes. From 21:05am to 02:00am, the photos were then uploaded to the cloud. Sanfeliu specifically noted that he likes to ensure he’s capturing images during the sunrise and sunset, as it allows for more creativity in post production.

The outdoor kit included: 

The resulting video is an interesting time lapse video that captures this impressive project.Interesting artistic touches are used: slight emphasis/focus on specific items to guide the viewer’s eye, transitions between interior and exterior shots, and the use of illustration, to name a few. 

One tip Sanfeliu offers to other photographers is that it is important to mark the enclosure location with paint or tape. This will ensure you’re able to put it in the exact same place, should you have to move or open the enclosure to access your gear. 

Sanfeliu got his start in time lapse photography when a client who made corporate videos told him that he was going to build a new building for their offices and asked Sanfeliu if he could create time lapse videos. "Of course, I replied," but in reality had no idea how to do it. So he immediately dove into researching the process. This was six years ago when everything was more manual. He had to change the batteries of the camera every week and the first outdoor box was made of wood. The technology is a bit different now. Thankfully! 


“The improvement of Cam-Do equipment in the last year is very interesting. It is a clear reference of quality and professionalism in all its departments,” says Sanfeliu.


About Albert Sanfeliu

Albert Sanfeliu is the owner ofPandora Box TV. Pandora Box TV has created audiovisual productions since 1998, which oversees the entire production, including script creation, filming, post-production, and realization. Hedescribes himself as a video creative who learned time lapse photography, not a photographer who also creates time lapses.