Customer Footage: Remodeling Home Construction Time Lapse

CamDo customer Seth Larson recently shared some amazing home construction time lapse footage using our Blink setup. Located at the heart of San Diego, CA, his company Stel Builders specializes in creating beautiful home remodeling projects. They focus on the design, build, and integration of residential makeovers, which you can check out below:



For these two projects, Stel Builders took a single story home and added bedrooms up on top. To capture the footage, Seth has his Blink scheduled from Monday through Friday, 7:00AM to 5:00PM, at an interval of every 5 minutes. That may seem like a lot, so when asked about the frequency of his time lapse setup, he says:

“We end up with WAY too many photos, but that's the way I like it. So we have more control when we put the video together (we can speed it up or slow it down as needed.)“

Indeed, having more flexibility and control over your GoPro camera is always a plus. You can make sure you're getting the right amount of footage with this easy-to-use photography time lapse calculator. We also asked Seth about his work process when creating a home construction time lapse video, and what challenges he has encountered thus far.

“The original hardware was the intervelometer and it was cumbersome. The Blink as been great, and now I'm looking forward to looking into the internet enabled units whereby we can check the status/photos from offsite. Sounds exciting.”

And as a quick tip for those planning on making their own time lapse videos:

“Don't move the camera! Haha - it can look confusing for the viewer if the angle changes during the video.”

To find out more about our construction time lapse packs for your next residential home build, click here. We also have a great tutorial on how to get started with time lapse, or you can click below to reach out with questions about your next project.



Following his father's footsteps, Seth Larson was born into the residential remodeling industry. His passion for great design coupled with in-depth knowledge of zoning, coastal commission, property taxes, building records, as well as investment and financing makes him a unique and valuable player in the industry. He is an avid SCUBA diver, private pilot and real estate investor. You can find out more about his work at, and on Facebook.