GoPro HERO5 Update for CamDo Solutions

GoPro released the HERO5 Black and Session (H5B and H5S) cameras in October of this year. With this release comes major improvements to the software and hardware, as well as the introduction of their cloud service.

On the software side, GoPro has introduced some really neat features including image stabilization, raw photo formats, and low light improvements. This will likely increase the quality of time lapse installments that extend into the night. There was also a massive improvement to the user interface which has always been somewhat lacking. If you’re not a fan of controlling the cameras through the UI, both also come built with voice controls. On top of that, both cameras are capable of recording in 4K@30FPS which is similar to the HERO4 Black.

As for hardware changes, both cameras have been designed to be completely waterproof, which does away with the waterproof housings (more on that below). They also sport USB Type C connectors for both power and data transfer which should help to future proof them. The HERO5 Black is slightly larger than the HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver cameras which will unfortunately prevent any compatibility with previous generation enclosures.

So what does this mean for CamDo products?

For starters, GoPro has removed the HEROPort connector that we are used to seeing on the back of the cameras. On one hand, this simplifies the use cases for how our devices communicate and power the cameras, but on the other hand, it renders all of our current products incompatible with the HERO5 line. This change is causing our engineering team to work fast and furiously to offer a solid lineup of our products that will be compatible. First up will be a HERO5-compatible version of Blink and we hope to have a prototype in early January. The good news is, that the HERO5 Session also has the USB C connector and therefore, our future products will also be compatible with this model.

Another side effect of this change is that accessories will now need to be plugged in through the USB port on the side of the camera using a cable and replaced it with the USB C connector. This fundamentally is the biggest change for our products; previously there was a simple but elegant accessory mating to the back of the camera which could sit in a waterproof case. Even though the HERO5 is inherently waterproof, plugging an accessory in the side compromises the in-built waterproofing.

This will not affect camera setups in our Solar and Dry enclosures since there is space for the accessory which can be secured inside the waterproof enclosure. We are currently finishing the design of our new Solar and Dry enclosures that will be compatible with all GoPro camera types in the very near future. This includes the HERO5 Session camera which brings the cost point down again for projects that don’t need the capabilities of the HERO5 Black.

CamDo will also continue production of the HERO4 product line-up

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