Blink Email: Get Notifications That Your Time Lapse System is Working


We're all about helping you capture difficult footage, whilst improving your workflow. In long term time lapse projects, things can go wrong - perhaps the battery capacity was miscalculated or the chosen SD card too small.

Introducing Blink Email Updates. Save time by not having to visit your site to know the installation is still working. We'll send you status updates by e-mail (to your specified schedule at your specified time), so you can spend your time elsewhere, with the peace of mind you are not losing valuable footage.

Email updates help identify any issues as soon as they occur, better setting up our customers for long term time lapse success. The email provides you with a status update on the key pieces of information to give you peace of mind that your CamDo Long Term Time Lapse system is working as it should, including:

  • SD Card space remaining
  • Camera battery life
  • Number of photos and video taken since the last email
  • Number of motion detections triggered since the last email
We also realize our customers have varying usage needs for this type of service, so we’re offering two ways to buy Blink Email:
  • 3 Month Auto-Renew Subscription – $50 for three months access to Blink Email. Cancel at anytime. Perfect for shorter term projects.
  • Unlimited Access – Pay $150 one time to use Blink Email for life.