A Guide to CamDo Solutions' Product Resource Library

by Sarah Wallace September 06, 2019

A Guide to CamDo Solutions' Product Resource Library

Have you been taking advantage of all of the tools we offer? From comprehensive time lapse guides to a time lapse calculator (our most popular tool) to how to videos to an SD card reader, we aim to arm you with the information and tools that will set you up for time lapse success. 

View all of our resources here


Time Lapse Calculator 

This interactive tool helps you plan your time lapse project. Input variables and requirements of your project to get detailed information that will allow you to best prepare for your project.

SD Card Speed Tester 

We've found that most common compatibility problems occur because of the type of SD card being used due to speed requirements. Test the speed of your SD card with this handy tool.

GoPro Power Consumption Table 

This table contains a useful comparison of the power used by each of the different GoPro camera models in various modes which can be used to determine how many hours are available with different batteries, and whether a solar assisted installation is sufficient for long term use. Or if you would be better off with a battery eliminator.


We've developed a number of comprehensive time lapse guides. Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned time lapse pro, there's something for you.

Time Lapse Getting Started 

Are you just getting into time lapse photography? If you are, this is the place to start. We provide an overview of the whole process from planning to processing, and everything in between. We also indicate when to use many of the tools listed in this article. 

Construction Time Lapse: The Definitive Guide

Once you’ve covered the details to get started, then you’re ready for this more comprehensive guide. Whereas the Getting Started provides an overview, this guide dives deep into the details. 

Time Lapse Infographic 

This is a helpful visual walk through of the process, considerations, components, and settings outlined in the How to Long Term Time Lapse guide listed above.. 


We often write blog articles covering frequently asked questions or common issues we see customers experiencing. We also cover elements like the importance of progress videos, important considerations for winter time lapse, construction site security, and more. We love sharing approaches and ideas. View all of the articles here.


Need to reference general product manuals? Find all products manuals for our products here


We've created a wide range of product support videos so you can watch someone handling our products. From set-up to troubleshooting, we've covered a wide range of topics.

Here's a few of our popular support videos: 



Sarah Wallace
Sarah Wallace


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