Dash - Troubleshooting Guide

This document is a supplement to the user manuals for our Dash product. The manuals should be read in conjunction with the troubleshooting Q & A below.

Before consulting the troubleshooting guide, make sure that:

  1. Your GoPro is running the most recent firmware available.
  2. Your GoPro camera has a charged battery inside the camera or is powered by a constant USB power source.
  3. You are using an SD card that has a minimum read and write speed of 30MB/s (U3 rating). Our website has a link to an SD card speed tester to determine if your SD card has the required speeds for reliable use with the GoPro cameras.



Troubleshooting Questions

My camera doesn’t turn on when USB power is applied

Determine if the GoPro camera has crashed. Make sure you can turn the camera on and off using the Power/Mode button on the front of the GoPro. If the GoPro does not turn on, make sure Dash is not powered and remove the battery from the GoPro camera and reinsert it. Try to turn on the camera again using the Power/Mode button before continuing. Most issues with the GoPro crashing are due to a slow SD card. To test your SD card speed, click here. Make sure your SD card has a U3 rating.

Make sure you are not in Programming Mode. If the LED flashes every few seconds, unplug Dash from the camera and make sure the button on the remote is not held down (if attached) when plugging Dash back into the camera.

Make sure the GoPro battery is charged or you are using a power supply capable of supplying at least 1Amp at 5Volts.

Ensure you're using a compatible camera model (view the 'Compatibility' tab on the Dash Product Page). Ensure that your camera’s firmware is upgraded to v05.00 or higher. Earlier versions of the firmware are not compatible with the CamDo Dash.

Unplug Dash from both the camera and the USB cable, wait 5 seconds, then reinsert the board and try again.

If the camera still doesn’t turn on, try removing the SD card and repeating the process. Some SD cards have been known to prevent the camera from powering up from a GoPro accessory. If the camera turns on with no SD card then please buy a new SD card. You are strongly advised to use a GoPro approved SD card from the list on GoPro's website: http://gopro.com/help/articles/Block/microSD-Card-Considerations.

My camera turns on, but doesn’t take an image or start/stop video

The CamDo Dash is only compatible with HERO4 and HERO3+r cameras. Ensure that your camera’s firmware is upgraded to v03.00 or higher. Earlier versions of the firmware are not compatible with the CamDo Dash.

Unplug Dash from the camera and any cables, wait a couple of seconds, then reinsert and try again.

Modes 5, 6, 7, 8 will only turn the camera on, it will not automatically start recording. If you want the camera to automatically start recording, please make sure you are in modes 1, 2, 3 or 4.

I didn't find the answer in the Troubleshooting Guide, what is the next step?

Please contact CamDo support and provide information about your setup and problem including:

    • GoPro camera type and firmware version
    • Dash operating mode number
    • The script used on SD card (if applicable)
    • Type of SD card being used
    • Type of power supply being used by the GoPro camera
    • Type of power supply being used by Dash