BlinkX Firmware

Update your BlinkX to the latest firmware by clicking the link below. Then follow the steps outlined in the BlinkX User Manual to update your Blink.

Check your firmware version

To determine what your firmware version is, connect to BlinkX and navigate to the UI address ( Then look at the top of the screen. You should see something that looks like this.

Check to make sure that the version beside BLINK: corresponds to the latest below.

Download Latest Stable Release

Download latest stable firmware

Note: The USB flash drive must be using the FAT32 format and if the filename has been changed, BlinkX will not recognize the file. For example, "blinkx_update(1).bin" or "blinkx_update.bin.txt".

Download Latest Beta Release

Access the latest features via our beta releases. Note these releases potentially have bugs and are not supported. But if you find a bug, please let us know at - that's one of the reasons we release beta firmware. Download the latest stable release above if you are not keen on testing the latest and greatest.

No current beta release

Change log


New Features

  • Blink Email service replaced with CloudX platform

Note: If updating the BlinkX firmware from a version previous to v1.02, the schedules and logs must be cleared from the web interface before re-programming your desired schedules as indicated in the BlinkX User Manual.


New Features
  • Bullet mode now available. Used to trigger camera through port 3
  • Camera WiFi window can now be scheduled. Useful for downloading images at pre-defined times
  • Port 1 Tip outputs high when camera on, low when camera off
  • UI shows camera state when powering on and off
  • BlinkX time pushed to camera on every interval (for accurate timestamp metadata)
  • Camera WiFi state shown on UI
  • Temperature reading in log
  • Removed WiFi password
  • Improved UI performance on small devices
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug that prevents a camera type from displaying on UI
  • Fixed bug that prevents camera firmware version from displaying unless page is refreshed


  • Initial Release
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