camera_enhanceHigh Quality

  • GoPro 4K Image Quality
  • Wide capture angle (if desired)
  • Perfect for marketing videos

device_hubMultiple Cameras

  • Control 1 to 100+ cameras
  • Plug-n-play
  • Near perfect sync

battery_alertPower Options

  • AC Permanent Power
  • Dual mode: Charge+Download
    OR Charge+Record
  • Battery Power


monetization_onGreat Value

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Quick ROI
  • Re-deploy on your next project

av_timerSoftware Options

Our triggering board for the GoPro HERO3+ and HERO4 cameras, Bullet, is capable of turning the cameras on/off and controlling the shutter function through a simple trigger input such as our LED Wired Remote. Each Bullet comes with a 1ft patch cable and has an input and output port allowing the boards to be daisy-chained so that any number of cameras can be triggered together. The wire for the remote is 3ft and we offer extension cables at 3ft, 10ft, and 25ft lengths that can also be used with the patch cable between cameras.

Using a PowerPad allows you to power up to 15 cameras and is also capable of connecting all cameras to a computer through a single USB port for downloading files at high speed. Each camera can be switched from data-connected (for downloading images) to data-disconnected (for powering allowing image capture) under the control of the host computer using our Grab software. This allows for downloading or clearing the SD card from multiple cameras with the click of a single button and without the need to plug and unplug cables or remove the SD cards from the cameras. When downloading files using Grab, it will it will automatically label each file or folder based on the port the camera is attached to and also provides the option to add a time-stamp or custom prefix to the file name. The Grab software can be used with multiple PowerPads for use with more than 15 cameras.

Start time synchronization between cameras when using Bullet is much less than a second, however, it is not exact synchronization (Genlock and V/H frame sync). Using 120fps video, the HERO4 can achieve 1080p quality and is a set up many of our clients use to achieve tight synchronization (if necessary) in post production to achieve such effects as bullet time slice (made famous by the Matrix movies and displayed in the video above). When recording video, the sound track can be used to provide a synchronizing signal, as simple as a clapper board, or sometimes music. The frames are then grabbed from the video tracks in post production using software such as PluralEyes, AutoPano, PTGui Pro, or other products.

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