Grab Auto-Download Software for Cambrionix


File management for dozens of SD cards simultaneously has never been easier. Simultaneously download to your computer or delete content across all cards to save time.

Grab is free to use with two cameras in conjunction with our PowerPad product (15-port or 8-port versions). Purchase the PowerPad License for Grab Softwareto use with all 8- or 15-ports. Grab Software is a free trial for up to two cameras. 

      • Grab is an automated piece of download software that allows for quick and easy file management of multiple SD cards simultaneously when used with the PowerPad. Couple it with the CamDo Bullet to make creating professional time slice videos much simpler and quicker.

        Grab is used with the separately available PowerPad (8S and 15S versions), which allows you to continuously power up to 8 or 15 cameras and is also capable of connecting all cameras to a computer through a single USB port for downloading files from the SD card at up to 480Mb per second. The host computer sees each camera’s SD card and mounts them as individual disks.

        The Grab software uses the PowerPad to let you manage these individual disks to transfer files from the SD card to the host computer before clearing the SD card to greatly increase memory capacity. This allows the use of multiple cameras for extended shoots in a much more efficient way.

        Note: The Grab Software is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

        av_timerSave Time 

        • Don’t waste time handling one camera at a time, plugging and unplugging cables and removing SD cards. With Grab, switching between USB power and download modes is done simultaneously and automatically.

        get_appAutomatic Download 

        • Grab allows the transfer of images of up to 2 cameras directly to your computer before clearing the SD cards. If you require more than 2 cameras, purchase the PowerPad License for Grab Software for use with up to 15 cameras.


        • Once Grab is installed, open the program. You will see a window similar to the one below. From here you can choose several options:
          • Local download folder
          • Preferred download structure and file naming rules
          • Add a timestamp to photos/video
          • Add custom text to photos/video
        • After the settings have been chosen, you can download the data from any or all cameras with a single click. After downloading is finished, clean up the SD cards by deleting the data with another click. This will ensure you always have space for the next shoot. For more details, see the Grab User Manual.
          Grab Software Interface

      •  Currently, Grab Software is only compatible with Windows Software and HERO4 cameras.


        Compatibility ( Y / N )


        HERO5 Session

        HERO4 Black

        HERO4 Silver

        HERO4 Session

        HERO (2014)

        HERO3+ Black

        HERO3+ Silver

        HERO3 Black

        HERO3 Silver

        HERO3 White



      • Frequently Asked Questions

        Why can I only access two cameras with Grab?

        The free version of Grab lets you use it with 2 x cameras so you can try it out. For use of the software with all ports of the PowerPad, purchase the PowerPad License for Grab Software.  

      • General support can be found on our Support pages here.

        If you have a problem with your PowerPad or need more detailed information, you can ask the folks at Cambrionix. They will be most helpful. Cambrionix Troubleshooting.

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