4 Reasons to Create Time Lapse Construction Videos of your Project

The use of time lapse videos within the construction industry has exploded over the years. More and more of our clients have indicated to us that creating time lapse videos of their construction projects is now a crucial part of their workflow. But why?

There are a number of ways keeping track of progress and investing in video production can greatly benefit your business. Here are our top four use cases forconstruction timelapse video, an essential tool when it comes to the construction industry.

1. Marketing

Your company has completed an impressive project - let that work speak for itself through video. The world is inundated with video these days so you have to stand out! It’s engaging and impressive to see a structure build in under a minute. Attract future clients' attention, display your great work and set expectations.Viewers can experience the dramatic landscape changes that take place on a construction site, in just a matter of seconds, or to whatever time scale the creator specifies. It brings your project to life in a visually impressive way.

Capturing a project with time lapse also results in a complete library of hi-res images that can be later used for marketing collateral.

A few other ways to use time lapse in your marketing efforts:

  • Feature on your website
  • Social media
  • Trade shows
  • Client presentations
  • TV ads

2. Documentation

There are a number of ways your construction time lapse video can provide documentation of your projects. Through video, you can keep track of your procedures and project management. You can showcase the progress on the site with colleagues that are not involved in the project. You can use time lapse videos for internal project archiving.

3. Site Monitoring

Time lapse also allows for remote site monitoring. By viewing images captured remotely, you’ll easily be able to see that your project is on track and on schedule. This can save trips to the jobsite and add time back into your schedule.

It also serves as a visual archive for clients, for live project observation and project tracking. Previously recorded images can be used to track earlier key project moments, making each stage of a construction project accounted for.

Pro Tip: We offer this capability throughCloudX Pro.


4. Jobsite Safety and Security

On site monitoring coupled with time lapse can help document unpredicted events, errors and even prevent theft. Going through footage in this scenario can save resources – and help prevent repeat incidents.


With so many benefits of construction time lapse at different steps of the project, it’s a no brainer. With a little foresight, planning and testing, you can easily implement this into your process and enjoy these benefits. We at CamDo are experts on construction time lapse and withBlinkX, it’s easier than ever before.