Customer Footage: Construction Time Lapse of Shed Restaurant, Tofino

Customer Footage: Construction Time Lapse of Shed Restaurant, Tofino BC

by Katherine Wittman July 30, 2018

Customer Footage: Construction Time Lapse of Shed Restaurant, Tofino BC

There are a few things synonymous with the town of Tofino, on Canada’s West Coast, including but certainly not limited to: surf culture, the rugged coastline, rain, refreshing, cold waters, Shelter Restaurant, Tacofino, Hot Springs, fishing and we bet that the newly opened Shed Restaurant becomes one, too!

The construction time lapse footage of Shed Restaurant featured in this blog was captured over 5 months using our purpose-built ShootX time lapse camera and CloudX Pro for remote monitoring of the construction site.

Tofino, British Columbia: An Island Gem

Shed creator Jay Gildenhuys is a local entrepreneur, surfer and, as we’ve come to learn, a salt of the earth kind of guy. According to Jay, Tofino has many special things about it, including that:

It’s a playground of hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, sports fishing and of course there’s the surf culture, specifically wild undiscovered, not for the faint of heart, especially winter surfing (lots of secret spots).

The town is also a foodie's paradise! Jay notes:

No small town in Canada (arguably no small town of 2,500 people in the world) has the restaurants, bakeries, breweries, distilleries, charcuterie butcher we do. Commitment and passion for the food. We also have access to all the seafood right in our backyard.

Plus, the town is inclusive and highlights the accomplishments of the women who reside within it! Jay highlights:

 “Women... entrepreneurs and surfers, generally ‘waterwomen’. The women that choose to live in Tofino are different. When you stop and think of it, it's crazy how many women surf in Tofino compared to California, Hawaii, Australia... especially considering how cold it is in Tofino and not the friendliest waves. It's the same reason Tofino has so many women entrepreneurs.

The Shed Restaurant Construction Time Lapse Project

This project had some constraints: the construction lights were often pointing at the camera making the exposure difficult, and the low ceilings didn’t help. Not an ideal scenario, but despite this, we think it turned out well… and did we mention the food is amazing!

Recently, CamDo CEO Todd McCann sat down with Jay to ask more about the Shed Restaurant construction time lapse project.

Could you tell us about the project overall? How did the project come about?

We have been planning on doing Shed for years (natural extension of our other restaurant Shelter) but wanted to wait until the timing was right. We wanted the management team to have the time, the space/location came available etc... Waiting for the right opportunity, gave us lots of time to work on the menu, design and concept. By the time the opportunity presented itself, we were ready and hungry.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere. So much cool stuff happening in many industries. Hard to not to be inspired everyday by what people are doing.

Any tips or tricks that you've learned about construction time lapse that you'd like to share with our readers?

Being our first time, we probably could’ve had a more impactful construction time lapse if we’d planned out where to install the camera for a longer period of time. We didn’t hook up the remote monitoring through CloudX until late in the construction as we didn’t push the authorities for the internet feed. Once it was connected, we found it really useful to log in remotely and see what was happening on site and keep an eye on those contractors! So having the right technology is key.

There is no way we would have taken the time to install, monitor, and charge a time lapse camera if it wasn't simple to use. You get busy with construction and preparing for opening, so things like moving and charging a time lapse camera get ignored... CamDo's construction time lapse camera could not have been easier. Simple to operate and mount... and because of it's long battery life we didn't have to worry about charging it.

Bonus: it also looks cool!

Could you please include a short bio on yourself?


Anything else you'd like to add?

We do a lot of unique, fun projects. Wish I had started time lapse years ago. We would have great records and memories of all our past projects.

CamDoMachine: Free Time Lapse Software for Video Creation

We’re happy to say we used our brand new time lapse software called CamDo Machine to edit and stitch the still images into the construction time lapse video.

Did we mention that CamDoMachine is totally free?

CamDo Solutions Equipment Details

The set-up to capture Shed Restaurant's construction time lapse footage consisted of:



The specific ShootX settings for the project were:

  • 10 minute interval for most of the project (see our time lapse calculator for more details)
  • battery-powered only

Don’t forget to stay up to date about new features of ShootX this summer, including the newly released scheduling and upcoming solar and mounting kits!

Have a construction project coming up quickly or that you're planning for? We've got the construction time lapse solutions you need! Click below and learn how ShootX and CloudX can help.


Thanks to Jay Gildenhuys and the staff at Shed Restaurant! Check out their website at, and make sure to hit the "Follow" buttons over on Facebook and Instagram.

Katherine Wittman
Katherine Wittman


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