Progress in 2021 Allows CamDo to Better Serve Your Business into 2022 and Beyond

Progress in 2021 Allows CamDo to Better Serve Your Business into 2022 and Beyond

As we enter 2022 and embrace the promise of a brand-new year, CamDo Solutions reflects on the progress we made in 2021, which sets the stage for advancements in our capabilities to serve our  customers into the next decade. In 2021, technology upgrades such as UpBlink and CloudX, along with more powerful software such as PlanGrid, helped increase image storage capacity and improve organization and sharing capabilities for our customers. Here’s a snapshot of some of our highlights from the year:

  • Customers across the world utilized our CloudX image uploading platform, taking advantage of our advanced storage space capacity to upload millions of images to our servers last year. Using this built-in software on their projects, customers were able to better manage, organize, and share their files among their clients and colleagues.

  • Our November server update further empowered our customers by providing access to a quicker interface to upload time lapse videos and photos.

  • We launched  Sony RXO compatibility in September in an effort to offer a wider range of camera options to our customers to fit their needs. We also greatly expanded our integration capabilities with  PlanGrid, connecting customers with even more powerful software to maximize their projects’ potential.

  • Our  Premium Support upgrade was launched in August, providing our customers with hands-on assistance with the leading-edge resources of our industry, such as the UpBlink controller and CloudX platform.

  • We sponsored  ENR FutureTech’s virtual event last June to create an exciting outlet for hundreds of business and IT leaders to connect and maximize their productivity and profits in the digital space.

  • We sponsored Procore's Virtual Groundbreak event in October, where we modeled how our 4K-quality time lapse solutions drive outstanding results for leaders in construction management. 

  • For all of these innovations and more, CamDo Solutions was honored to be recognized in the Jobsite Monitoring category of the  Smart Jobsites 50 list—a testament not only to our passion for 4K solutions, but also to our lasting commitment to our customers. 

At CamDo Solutions, we provide cutting-edge solutions for photographers and businesses all over the world to save time and money by providing the technology needed to capture high-quality imagery with a simple connected workflow. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you streamline the quality and efficiency of your trade,  contact our team of experts today!