New Product Highlight: CamDo GoPro HERO4 Battery Eliminator

The CamDo Hero4 Battery Eliminator allows you to power the GoPro HERO4 through the HERO Port on the back of the camera. The Eliminator can be powered by any available high current USB port or charger.

Why Use Our Battery Eliminator?

Our Battery Eliminator connects your camera to external power supplies of much larger capacity than its internal battery.  These include USB-output battery packs, such as our Lithium Polymer batteries, and USB chargers.  There's no more worry about running out of power during a time lapse shoot, or a long video session.

Our Battery Eliminator increases your camera's reliability.  It prevents two sources of heat: the charging circuit in the camera and the battery itself, which gets warm while charging. Overheating can cause unreliable behavior or unexpected shut-down of the camera. Using our Battery Eliminator also prevents the camera from crashing if a problem occurs while the internal battery is charging.

Our Battery Eliminator is simple to use, just add power!  Plug into a USB port, and connect to your camera's HERO Port.  Instant happiness!  We recommend using a USB port capable of supplying at least 1A of current.

Our Battery Eliminator frees up your camera's USB port.  No more charging through the camera's mini-USB port.  Now your USB port is ready for camera data retrieval, or for the GoPro Combo Cable!

Will the Battery Eliminator work with other GoPro cameras? The CamDo Hero4 Battery Eliminator is designed to work with Hero4 cameras. It can also be used with Hero3+ Black and Hero3+ Silver cameras.

Will the Battery Eliminator work with other CamDo accessories? The Battery Eliminator plugs into the camera's HERO Port, so it cannot be used simultaneously with our other GoPro HERO Port accessories such as our Programmable Scheduler, Time Lapse Intervalometer, or Motion Detectors.


  • SKU: 180096
  • Product Name: BE-004
  • Input Voltage: 5 - 24 VDC
  • Output Voltage: 4.3 VDC, regulated nominal
  • Input connector: USB Type A, Male
  • Output connector: 30-pin GoPro HERO Port, male
  • Cable Length: 10ft (3m)
Compatible CamDo Accessories

We'd love to hear from you: what projects can you tackle now that there is a Battery Eliminator for your Hero4?



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