Game-changing time lapse capture update at CamDo

Construction managers know that time lapse capture can be a game changer on project tracking and safety. CamDo has been at the forefront of this technology, and we're excited to announce some big updates!

UpBlink Controller is Now Compatible with GoPro HERO11 and HERO10

CamDo is thrilled to announce that we are adding two new versatile, high-quality cameras to our product list.

Our customers value high image and video quality; for many of you, the ability to use cameras with improved digital features is an essential part of the decision-making process of selecting the right time lapse systems.

Therefore, we are now adding GoPro HERO11 and HERO10 compatibility to the mix amidst the range of SONY RX0 II and other GoPro models.

HERO11 Black

The new, sleek and improved model of the popular camera is here! Shoot high-quality videos and still photos with the new GoPro HERO11 Black!

With a 27MP sensor and 5.3k video capability, you'll have everything needed for that perfect professional time lapse video or still photo shoot.

The upgraded image sensor also has enhanced low-light performance, making it a perfect solution for construction sites.

HERO10 Black

The HERO10 Black is one of the most versatile cameras. It can shoot 5.3K video with higher frame rates as well 23MP photos all while having lower noise in low light situations than before.

This revolutionary GP2 processor powered device has been designed to be smaller yet still provide top notch performance like never before - it's truly a winner among consumers looking forward into their future photo/video needs.

UpBlink Compatibility

HERO11 & 10 will be compatible with customers’ existing UpBlink, when connected with a NEW HERO11 & 10 USB cable and used at a minimum time lapse interval of 3-minutes.

We have also  released a new UpBlink hardware revision that is backward compatible with both the old and new GoPros and is enhanced to allow 2-minute intervals with HERO11 & 10. Our new HERO11 & 10 USB cable is also required to connect to the new cameras.

So what does all of this mean for our customers?

It means that you have even more options when it comes to the cameras you can use with your UpBlink time lapse controller.

We are now compatible with the GoPro HERO11 and HERO10, in addition to a range of SONY RX0 II models and other GoPro models.

If you’re looking to order  UpBlinks, or get your hands on cables, HERO11 cameras, SolarUp, or PowerUp systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We would be happy to help!

From Our CEO

“A few years ago,professional photographers had a particular snobbery toward GoPro cameras. However, since the HERO9 launch in 2020, we’ve really seen a shift in popularity.

Now with the new, larger sensor on HERO11, punching a 27MP photo plus improved low light performance, there’s no doubt the image quality from GoPro cameras is right up where it needs to be for construction time lapse!

After many years of development, we’re thrilled to release compatibility with GoPro’s latest models. As usual, there’s more interesting things to come, so stay tuned! "