Future Trends For Time Lapse Photography in Construction

Construction time lapse photography has truly evolved and become an increasingly reliable way to cover and assess the progress of projects on job sites. There are popular and more obscure ways of conducting time lapse photography, as well as tactics that make taking photos and editing them later on much easier. 

It’s a complex type of photography, with a post-production process that requires ample attention to detail. However, these future trends for time lapse photography are speeding things up without putting any proverbial dents in quality. 

Using a Multimedia Approach for Capturing Time Lapse Photos/Videos

While time lapse photography in construction is as commonplace as a foundation is to a home, the ways they capture photos have varied over time. Now, multiple camera systems can be tailored to the specific needs of each project. For long-term time lapse, there are three types of systems typically used for time lapse include:

All-In-One Systems - Considered the cheapest option, with image quality up to 1080p, but doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Professional Systems -Gives you greater control over the image quality with the system camera functioning everything including powering the camera, recharging the internal battery and triggering it for intervals.

DIY System - You can make it from scratch and it’s cost-effective, though the systems are power-hungry, meaning that they need more than solar power to work efficiently.

Each system incorporates specialist technologies that are just as intricate as the environments they’re designed to capture. Having more than one system on hand allows you to create a deeper and more diverse narrative of progress for on-site work, providing the full scope of a construction project and all its intricacies. 

Increased Remote Time Lapse Photography

Because construction requires those who oversee the process to be in different places all the time, it’s hard to monitor the progress of time lapse photography throughout a busy day on the site. Because of this, remote construction time lapse photography is becoming the norm going forward. 

For large-scale construction sites, controlling a camera from a remote location carries a huge advantage. With the constant moving and shuffling of personnel as well as potential hazards that can take place during construction, it helps to have a special computer attached to the camera, taking images at set intervals and shutter speeds from all angles.

Considering the global health crisis and its after-effects, an increase in remote time lapse photography is logical considering the health and safety protocols that need to be carried out. It also is a cost-effective method that saves site managers time and money to do all this work. 

Increasing this type of photography remotely also counters any logistical issues where on-site access only needs to be at the bare minimum. And, with a solid network connection to rely on, images can be captured, transferred, and backed up by the camera system, then secured online. Time lapse professionals can monitor the images that populate the server in live time through an online viewing platform. So, if changes or adjustments are needed on the fly, then they can be addressed while the photos are being taken.

Furthermore, with aerial time lapse photography methods being taken, you could even get shots from high above the site to add another viewing angle of the construction site. Basically, remote time lapse photography reduces the limits on how much you can capture, where you can get access, and which angles you can capture during photography, making everyone’s job easier.

The Increase of Video Marketing Campaigns To Display Projects

Contractors and companies now have more innovative ways to showcase the evolution of a project thanks to more dynamic presentations. Video marketing campaigns are providing exciting new perspectives based on time lapse photography, putting projects and other industry-specific material in a more modern light. These campaigns deliver fresh content to audiences via websites, blogs, and social media channels to keep people engaged. Sharing time lapse videos on these platforms will engage everyone, from homeowners to those looking to build a home from scratch.

Time lapse photography can encourage attention and interest in a completed site, laying out the steps taken from start to finish in the timeliest manner. Going forward, companies will use time lapse photography as a central piece of their online campaigns to garner interest as well as new clients who may want to do business with them.

The Evolution of the Time Lapse Camera Market

Considering the innovations that time lapse photography triggers, the market for these cameras could expand over time as the demand for them given the current landscape will demand more remote access to photography on construction sites. There will be more opportunities for the market to grow over the next five to 10 years as the demand becomes more profound. 

The equipment, as it is, is wide-ranging and can cover all the needs you have for multiple construction projects that need to get done, and in some cases, simultaneously. The  use of a GoPro HERO 6, 7, or 8 camera with our UpBlink controller is a good place to start in order to begin creating professional-quality construction time lapse videos. 

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