1 Million Photos Captured + Exciting things on the horizon for CamDo in 2021

2020 was probably a year most of us would rather forget, but at the same time we have to be grateful for all the amazing things that our customers did, and the solid position we're in for the new year ahead. Read on for a few exciting things to note.

Over 1 Million Photos Captured

While there were a million reasonsnot to love 2020, last year we reached the big milestone ofover 1 Million photos uploaded to CloudX! A huge thankyou to our customers who are continuing to see the benefits of the industry's best value 4K time lapse. Also, a big thanks to our engineering team for expanding on the construction management platform integrations now including Procore, PlanGrid, BIM360 and CMiC.

CloudX: Simplified & Improved 

We will continue to develop great features in CloudX and we're happy to announce the latest feature of Remote Schedule Updates! We often get questions like "I want a faster interval when scaffolding is going up, so can I change that remotely?" ... well now you can!

Prior to having the ability to upload photos, we developed the simple feature of an email notification for peace of mind, but now that photo upload is table stakes and we've discontinued BlinkX, we will be discontinuing the CloudX Lite tier too. With that change, along with new features and improvements in the construction management platform integrations, we will be making a change to our CloudX tiers.

In an effort to simplify our offering, we're discontinuing CloudX Lite and Pro Starter tiers, leaving only CloudX Pro and Plus. What does this mean for pricing? CloudX Pro subscriptions will increase slightly, to $59 per month. This will go into effect for new customers starting February 1. Existing customers will keep the same price until April 1, and at that time the monthly price will increase. CloudX Pro Plus will remain $89 per month.

We understand these types of tier and feature changes can be a difficult change to your workflow, but we can assure you, these changes are not going to be a common occurrence and we know that simplicity will improve our ability to provide better service and better features moving forward.

Expanding the CamDo Landscape with Sony 

It's been a difficult few years trying to keep up with the GoPro camera models, and it's still a work in progress! We hope to have some luck early this year with the newer GoPro models, however, it's no secret that we've been working on an exciting addition to UpBlink's compatibility list!

We're thrilled to confirm thatUpBlink will be compatible with the Sony RX0 in the spring! Our engineers have been laser focused on the goal of compatibility without a hardware upgrade, and they've done it!

The Sony RX0 will require a free firmware update and a new cable, but that's it. Alpha testing was complete last year and Beta testing has been going flawlessly. The 21MP Sony brings amazing image quality that we know you'll love.

There are a few major announcements we are keeping quiet for now, so although we've said this before, this year will be the biggest yet!