Customer Project Update: La Pedrera Construction is Now Complete! Watch the Final Video.

Back in October, we featured an in-progress construction time lapse of La Pedrera, in Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Argentina submitted by CamDo customer and director/co-producer on the project, Gustavo L. Salgado. He used our Programmable Scheduler (which has been discontinued) to capture the footage and later moved to using our Blink time lapse controller with a HERO4 camera. 

Salgado graciously reached out again to provide a complete time lapse of the project. It's amazing to see what it takes to build a structure of this magnitude. We like the clever touch of adding the day counter to the time lapse footage to help show 'real time' progress as well as integrating the drone footage to show the structure as a whole. All in all, a great execution of long term time lapse photography for a construction project.


If you're interested in tackling a similar time lapse project, we've greatly improved our product offering since Salgado began his. Check out our Construction Time Lapse Packs to get started today.


Have you used our products for one of your time lapse projects? Send it our way We might even feature it on our website or blog (with your permission, of course). With so many applications (and so many creative CamDo customers), it's great to show how our customers are utilizing CamDo Solutions products.