Customer Footage: Tiny Home Construction Time Lapse for a Great Cause

CamDo customer Tony Leja recently shared footage of an interesting project that is underway in Detroit, MI. They are utilizing Detroit vacant land to build 25 tiny homes for those in need. The community is being built by Cass Community Social Services. So far, seven homes are completed, six are under construction and they expect to complete the project this spring.

As a tiny living enthusiast myself, I was so excited to hear that CamDo products are documenting a construction time lapse project like this - but also that the overall project is serving the community.


The time lapse project began in October 2016 and has been running ever since. Leja is using Blink, a GoPro HERO4 Black and an all weather external power case. For power, he’s using a GFI circuit that is up on the roof of the four-story building. He’s anchored the set-up with a mini c-stand with sand bags. He is taking a 12MP photo from Monday to Friday from 6:58am to 7m at a seven minute interval.

In planning the shoot, Leja had to find an accessible area that overlooked the vacant land and that he could easily get to for file management. He also needed to account for and secure all weather equipment that would stay running for over a year through winters that go below zero to summers over 100 degrees. He noted that for most of the day, the unit is in the direct sun - and believes that Blink is the reason that the camera has not overheated.

The project (and some of Leja’s footage) was also featured on NowThis Future and reached 40 million views!

Leja recently started another 4 Blink equipped GoPro cameras installation… so this hopefully won’t be the last that we feature of his work!


About Tony:

Tony Leja is a Production Specialist who works in Commercial and Broadcast industries and many other facets of Video Production.He has over 28 years experience in the field and love the new technologies that come into our world.

About Cass Community Social Services:

Cass Community Social Services is a Detroit-based agency works across the city in areas of concentrated poverty providing programs for food, health, housing and jobs.