Customer Footage: Thai Residential Construction Time Lapse

Tanapol Euaungkanakul is an IT professional from Bangkok, Thailand. He was set to begin the construction of his home and wanted to have a high quality time lapse video of the process from start to finish. He hoped to have a fixed camera position, a system that was maintenance free, and not have to rely on the grid for power. 

“This is my first time ever ontime lapse and CamDo is the best solution I found for off-grid, standalonetime lapse,” Euaungkanakul said.


Using a BlinkX controller, the schedule he used was a shot every ten minutes from 8a-5p daily. He downloaded images twice a day. The construction took a year and a half. To ensure there was no interruption, lower quality CCTV images were also being taken as a backup. 

Given this was his first project, a lot was learned that he will apply to his next construction project, which is just around the corner. 

“Lower the photo interval as much as possible, so you have many more photos to create the video. Since it  shoots in RAW files, it takes a lot of time and space to process [the images], but you can't go back in time to take more images in case you need more. Do test and triple-check settings before final install and once it works, [and] don't touch it!"

While it’s important to capture many photos, as he’s mentioned above, one challenge was the sheer number of photos that needed to be processed once the construction was complete. Euaungkanakul captured 93,644 images total, and used17,191 images for the final video. He then used LRTimelapse5 for post-production.


 About Tanapol Euaungkanakul 

Tanapol Euaungkanakul lives in Bangkok, Thailand. He’s an IT professional, working on IT infrastructure, software development, and automation. You can visit his websitehere.