Customer Footage: A Time Lapse Journey into Warehouse Conversion

Every construction time lapse project holds its challenges and rewards. Today, we showcase a customer project, converting a warehouse into a factory building universal electric car chargers. Our customer, Christopher Blumenshine, Photographer, Director, and the Founder of Bellissimo Foto, shared his insights, shedding light on the process, challenges, and future endeavors. Let's delve into this project.

Settings and Equipment

The customer opted to shoot their time lapse video using the GoPro HERO11 on the "auto" image setting rather than manual to easily account for changing light conditions throughout the day. This versatile action camera captured the essence of the transformation process with its image quality and ease of use.

Project Overview

The project entailed converting a warehouse space into a specialized factory for manufacturing universal electric car chargers. This ambitious endeavor aimed to effectively repurpose the existing structure, creating a productive space that contributes to the development of sustainable transportation infrastructure. The project was managed using the BlinkX (now known as UpBlink)  time lapse system, powered by a reliable Voltaic battery, and relied on T-Mobile cell service for connectivity. Located in Plano, TX, the transformation took place in a 50,000 sq ft warehouse, which was converted into a spacious storage and manufacturing facility. The project spanned six months, allowing for meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive execution.

Mounting Challenges and Creative Solutions

One of the most challenging aspects of this project was mounting the time lapse system in the designated location. Our customer demonstrated resourcefulness by utilizing a tall ladder to access the desired viewpoint, scaling a chain-link fence, and securing the unit around a drainage pipe using heavy-duty zip ties, allowing for a stable and unobstructed perspective.

Valuable Tip

Shorter Intervals for Enhanced Flexibility

Our customer provides a helpful tip to fellow time lapse enthusiasts: set your intervals shorter than anticipated. Doing so ensures a larger pool of images to work with, providing flexibility in case of unforeseen events or unexpected changes in the project timeline. This approach allows for greater creativity and control during the editing process.

Upcoming Projects

Oil Rig Field and College Campus, Bellissimo Foto, has an exciting lineup of forthcoming projects on the horizon. They are potentially embarking on a time lapse journey through an oil rig field in Houston, where the dynamic nature of oil exploration and production will be captured in stunning detail. Additionally, they have planned a week-long time lapse documentation of a college campus.

This customer footage demonstrates the power of time lapse in documenting the transformation of spaces and projects. From warehouse conversions to future endeavors in the oil rig field and college campuses, our customer continues to capture the essence of progress and change. We eagerly await witnessing and sharing their upcoming projects with our readers.

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