Crab Trap Camera - Crab Trapping With the Underwater WiFi Cable and GoPro HERO4 Silver Cam

CamDo is a great place to work, but it’s even better when we get to play with the gear too! Sometimes I wish I worked at Tesla, Deus or Haydenshapes, so I could test out their gear, but… I digress. One of my favourite CamDo products is our Underwater WiFi Extension Cable. It’s an easy-to-use product, that brings a unique perspective to filming and live streaming. My friend usually takes his dates out on a mini adventure in his canoe to check the crab traps and have a drink. Last weekend, he had a slow down in his dating schedule so I got an invite, not for a date, just for the beer! I had been meaning to see what’s at the bottom of the ocean in which I often swim, and what better way to check it out than with our cable.

We used the 20ft version of our Underwater WiFi Extension Cable and the GoPro HERO4 Silver. We’ve also been expanding our product offering by adding some attachments: a light, velcro straps and more (check out our Underwater WiFi Packs launching soon). We used the velcro straps to loosely attach the cable to the crab trap lead rope, then threaded the camera down to the trap!

We were in relatively shallow water, but it was an overcast day, so the light helped.

We had success pretty quickly as the cable is rigid enough to maneuver a few times and get lucky with the orientation of the camera. When viewing the live feed on the GoPro iPhone app, we could see 4 keepers in the trap, so we hauled it up!


Hauling up a crab trap in a canoe is not the most stable thing I’ve ever done, so I was glad when we checked the second trap with the wifi cable and found only a small crab in there, and then decided to keep it there again overnight.

The video was clear  GoPro iPhone app as well as in the final footage when I viewed it at home.

Equipment used in our trap:

Check out our previous blog post that features Russ Ricketts' use of the Underwater WiFi Extension Cable to view spawning Coho Salmon under the ice.



Have you used our products for one of your time lapse projects? Send it our way at We might even feature it on our website or blog (with your permission, of course). With so many applications (and so many creative CamDo customers), it's great to show how our customers are utilizing CamDo Solutions products.