CamDo Solutions Announces Participation in GoPro Developer Program

CamDo CEO Todd McCann shows Nick Woodman, GoPro CEO, a time slice array using CamDo's Bullet product.

CamDo Solutions today announced participation in the GoPro Developer Program with a range of product applications that provide connectivity with GoPro cameras, exhibited at the official GoPro Developer Program launch event today held in San Francisco, CA. These integrations allow users to automate their cameras, streamlining previously complex processes.

"We are delighted to welcome CamDo into the GoPro Developer Program,” said Adam Silver, director of strategic product partnerships at GoPro. “We are particularly impressed with the applications of their new Blink time lapse product and are excited to see what's to come with their further involvement with the GoPro Developer Program."
The GoPro Developer program provides third-party developers like CamDo Solutions with toolkits to enable their products to connect with GoPro products. CamDo Solutions is among the first group of developers to have access to these toolkits.
"We’re thrilled to participate in the GoPro Developer Program, which has enabled us to continue to create products and innovative solutions that have cemented our position as leaders in providing workflow solutions for GoPro cameras." says Todd McCann, CEO.

CamDo Solutions has already utilized this toolkit in the development of the all new Blink, a sleek universal controller designed for the GoPro HERO4 cameras. Blink’s web-based interface allows users to schedule when and how they want the camera to react: take a photo, take a video, utilize motion detection, take a series of photos, etc. Blink makes creating time lapse videos simple and will be available at the end of April.

At the press event in San Francisco unveiling the GoPro Developer Program, CamDo also showcased the Underwater WIFI Extender, a product that extends the use of WiFi and Bluetooth control of GoPro cameras that are underwater, enabling the live-streaming of footage in addition to recording and image capture. The cable, which can be purchased in lengths up to 300ft, is attached to a custom BacPac which clips to the GoPro Dive Housing.


CamDo Solutions creates specialty products designed for GoPro cameras that enhance GoPro’s capabilities to improve professional and business workflows. CamDo offers a wide range of solutions designed to achieve a wide range of outcomes: long term time lapse, time slice, underwater WIFI, solar power and more. CamDo also turns ideas into reality, consulting with companies across many industries to design custom solutions to fit their need. For more information about CamDo Solutions and its products and services, visit

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