CamDo Customer Uses Blink to Capture Long Term Time Lapse of New Work Space

Customer Cla Tschenett recently shared the final video showing the construction and capabilities of his family’s company,Tschenett AG. They decided to build a new hall/workshop in their village of Müstair, Switzerland to have more space for the daily business: roof constructing, plumbing and heating installations. The new hall is large enough to allow growth to a new offering: Waterjet cutting. In order to document this is exciting, big step for the small 12-person company, they decided to time lapse the entire construction process from May 2015 until January 2017.


Initially, they used the controller developed in 2013, called the Programmable Scheduler, and a HERO4 camera for the project. However, they did run into some technical issues and after some troubleshooting, the unit was ultimately replaced by the latest controller: Blink. After that, it was smooth sailing and they didn’t experience any problems from then on. 

The end result is a well done long term time lapse video that beautifully captures the construction process - the majestic backdrop of the Swiss Alps doesn’t hurt either!

We especially like the transition of the long term time lapse footage to the beautiful detail shots of the Waterjet machinery. This is a fantastic example of integrating long term time lapse to tell a broader story. 

The CamDo team sends our best wishes to Tschenett AG as they embark on this new endeavor (and congrats on the new space!) 

For more information on Tschenett AG, visit theirwebsite or check them out onFacebook.