Benefits of Construction Time Lapse Videos 

Construction time lapse videos capture many elements that come together on a construction site. The time lapse videos add verve and visual panache to the project. These videos sum up how a project that took several months or years to complete came to be in just seconds or minutes. The fast-forward type of effect that it presents makes for riveting viewing and records the success and accomplishments of a construction project.

There are plenty of benefits of a construction time lapse video for businesses and construction managers. It’s a cost-effective measure that presents construction companies in a better light to clients and other viewers. 

It’s a Money Saver

Documenting construction work by using time lapse videos can be cost-saving and a godsend for construction managers. Managers have enough tasks to deal with each day. One of these  daily activities is to regularly visit the job site  to ensure the work is being done correctly. These visits can be costly and time-consuming for managers. Construction time lapse videos can prevent the unnecessary visits.

It Allows Remote Monitoring 

With CloudX Online Time Lapse Platform allowing you to monitor your time lapse camera remotely, construction managers can monitor their job site from the comfort of their laptop, desktop or a smartphone. The monitoring access can be shared with members of the management team, which allows them to spot potential problems and communicate solutions from convenient locations. 
Managers can see project results daily and determine what changes need to be made, and promote better work productivity by streamlining their project. CloudX online platform can also detect security breaches. 

It Attracts New Businesses 

Because construction time lapse videos are so valuable in covering the evolution of a construction project, using them can attract new clients. Construction time lapse videos are a very effective marketing tool. Almost  90% of marketing professionals use video in their marketing efforts, and more than half of consumers want to see more videos from brands they invest in. These videos can be optimized to be SEO-friendly and can be promoted on social media. This will help in attracting more traffic to the videos  and the social media pages, and ultimately websites, they’re attached to. 

Considering how well time lapse videos can market construction efforts in such little time, these videos are a valuable marketing tool for new business. Potential clients will be able to see the work and be prompted to ask questions based on what they see. Being able to have this kind of control over how projects operate can be beneficial for managers when pitching to new clients. Construction time lapse videos are essentially visual testimonials or sales pitches. Everything is being illustrated from a project’s start until its end and the visuals can present the work for you in the best way possible. 

Better Community Engagement

Along with potentially creating a more harmonious work environment, construction time lapse videos can also bridge the gap between a construction company and the community they’re working in. 

Because of the inconveniences that construction jobs can present in a community, ranging from pollution to travel disruptions, people can frown on seeing construction when driving or walking around. Time lapse videos can show the value of these projects to community members by showing how they regenerate areas in the most considerate and seamless way possible. Showing the transformation that took place both before and after project completion can help community members appreciate the work you put in.

If you’re looking for the ideal time lapse camera and equipment to create the kind of time lapse videos you need, CamDo Solutions can set you on the right trail.  Contact CamDo today and learn more about our product line.