7 Reasons to Monitor a Construction Site Remotely

There are many benefits to having a construction site monitored remotely using 4K-quality time lapse cameras. Here are seven reasons why you should consider it:

1) Create Marketing Materials  

One of the great things about time lapse photography is that you can create marketing materials from it. The main, wide shot shows the entire project over months or even years. One tip for creating impactful marketing videos is to include detailed closeup time lapse shots interspersed with the overall wide shot.

2) Verify subcontractor arrivals and departures

Managing trades to get the best performance from them is one of the most difficult jobs in construction. At the root of this is managing the dependencies between trades - one job can't start until the job before it is complete. 

Knowing when trades arrive and when they start and finish work is critical to this sequencing. By predicting delays, you will also have more time to adjust the schedule and possibly avoid idle crews. And, of course, there is the morale boost that comes with a well-run job site.

3) Monitor Progress

A remote construction site monitor can help you ensure that the work is being carried out to your specifications. If there are any issues, they can be addressed and fixed immediately. 

Time lapse is also useful for monitoring the construction process and helping to create better Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). 

Intricate processes can always benefit from a detailed SOP but monitoring these processes can be difficult. Time lapse that uses high-resolution imaging can solve this problem and contribute to a better SOP over time.

4) Settle job performance with a sub-contractor 

If a sub-contractor is not meeting your expectations, you can use remote monitoring to 'go back in time' to look at their performance. The resolution of 4K allows you to zoom in and examine the work, crew size, and time on the job and use this information to have a discussion with the sub-contractor.

5) A backup for security cameras

Time lapse photography is a great way to get a high-resolution overview of your job site. By compiling thousands of high-resolution photos into a single video, you can see activity that might be hard to detect with a security camera, particularly because the time lapse cameras might have a better vantage point.

6) Equipment tracking

Having materials and the proper crews onsite to complete a job is a good start, but having the necessary equipment is also a requirement. 

Remote monitoring will allow you to keep track of the equipment on the site and help to anticipate the lack of required equipment and machinery sitting idle that could be put to use elsewhere.

7) Schedule Deliveries

Some costs associated with not having materials on site when needed include overtime, additional management overhead, lower progress payments, and rush charges. 

By monitoring the site remotely, you can determine if and when deliveries arrive. You can also schedule them more effectively, ensuring that the site is always stocked with the necessary materials and thus avoid the associated costs and reduction in profit margin.

Questions to Ask Yourself

When considering time lapse for your construction site, it is a good idea to consider which of the above potential benefits are desired in order to design the right system. Factors to consider include:

  1. How many cameras should you install to get the coverage you are looking for?
  2. What resolution do you need?
  3. What frame rate do you need to capture the detail you are looking for?
  4. How long do you need to capture footage for?
  5. Do you need night vision?
  6. What kind of power and data storage options are available?

Now that you have asked the right questions, you are in a better position to find the right system.

Feel free to  contact us if you have any questions about getting started with a remote, time lapse system that is right for you.

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