4 Reasons Why Remote Construction Jobsite Monitoring Is A Critical Tool In The Times of COVID-19

by Sarah Wallace October 07, 2020

4 Reasons Why Remote Construction Jobsite Monitoring Is A Critical Tool In The Times of COVID-19

In the age of COVID-19, there is an increased focus on the health and safety of everyone involved with your construction project. And part of the way to achieve this is a shift towards new ways to use technology, including remote monitoring.

While crews push projects forward, there are new challenges construction companies are facing and racing to address. Slowed down supply chain, disrupted timelines, project cancellations, skeleton crews, social distancing guidelines. Companies are turning to technology to address some of these challenges, specifically in the realm of remote monitoring.


1. Tracking employee health & safety

Remote jobsite monitoring via cameras can help prevent workplace injuries, ensure COVID-19 guidelines are being followed, and improve overall safety conditions by providing a real-time look at the safety precautions being taken on the jobsite. 

Protecting your employees’ health and safety should be a priority, especially in the times we’re experiencing.

Aside from the obvious fact that you don’t want your team members seriously injured or responsible for spreading COVID-19, these types of events can also be costly to a project in a time where budgets are tight. 

Onsite cameras can be very effective. First, employees are likely to take greater precautions under surveillance, and you may be able to communicate in real time if you notice a hazard or issue by integration with computer vision platforms like SmartVid.io or construction management platforms, like Procore or Autodesk BIM 360. With a consistent, real time view, you’re also more likely to become aware of and correct workplace hazards before any incidents occur. 


2. Theft Prevention

As mentioned above, there are fewer people on construction sites right now, leaving equipment unattended for longer period of times. This introduces a greater risk for theft, which is one reason that customers say that they’re considering remote jobsite monitoring. 

Construction sites are an easy target, and thieves know this. Most sites do not have 24-hour security, leaving the site and equipment vulnerable for large periods of time. Plus, construction machinery is not always registered through a national database, making it easy to sell and nearly impossible to recover the stolen equipment. 

With cameras visible, thieves are less likely to attempt to take equipment for fear of getting caught.

Not only are you out equipment, but there are other secondary areas of impact:

  • Expensive delays due to downtime, loss in productivity, and missed deadlines
  • The cost of renting substitute equipment
  • Time lost on filing police reports and insurance claims
  • Higher insurance rates down the road

Stolen equipment is an investment that is no longer working for you.

How can this be avoided?

  • Place a GPS system on the main pieces of machinery
  • Install onsite security cameras with remote monitoring capability 
  • Install a remote alarm system on entrance points and specific areas that need further protection


3. Increase Productivity and Collaboration

Travel to-and-from your construction site has a cost to it. Not just in the form of money, but it’s also valuable time being spent behind the wheel instead of doing something more productive using your expertise to move the needle on your project. And with COVID-19 risks in the forefront of everyone’s mind, companies want to keep the number of crew members on site to a minimum. With the ability to access your camera any time, from any location, on any Internet-enabled device, there’s no need to make the trip to check on your site as frequently. 

Additionally, you’re able to share your footage across many stakeholders without having to arrange a laborious, unnecessary on-site meeting. This allows for better, easier, more frequent communication and collaboration across parties, promoting transparency and trust.


4. Real-Time Timeline Adjustment

Construction companies are getting used to dealing with extreme project delays and shifting timelines on a moments notice due to COVID-19 challenges. By having a real-time photographic view of your project, you can check in to ensure what is supposed to happen on a given day actually happened. 


Remote jobsite monitoring via cameras generally offers so many benefits, but even more so while the industry navigates the COVID-19 pandemic. And if you can capture high quality 4K time lapse videos while you’re at it with our Construction Time Lapse Packs while also remotely monitoring your site, it’s even better. We're here to help determine your needs with a free strategy call.


Sarah Wallace
Sarah Wallace


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