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Blink Time Lapse Controller for GoPro HERO4 and HERO3+ Cameras


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Blink is CamDo’s latest GoPro time lapse and motion detection controller for HERO4 and HERO3+ cameras. It is a low power, WiFi enabled GoPro accessory that unlocks the full potential of the GoPro camera. 

Quick & Easy Set-Up
Get Blink up and running in less than 2 minutes.

Complete Control
Customize a daily or weekly schedule to program up to 10 separate schedules for either time lapse or motion detection in photo, day, night, burst or video modes.

Simple Configuration
Intuitive web interface makes scheduling Blink a breeze.

Low Power Consumption
Blink powers your GoPro camera down between intervals, increasing the battery life significantly and giving you the ability to undertake long term time lapse sequences.

No Firmware Update Required 
Unlike our previous products (Programmable Scheduler, Time Lapse Intervalometer, and Motion Detector), Blink doesn’t require a complicated firmware update process. Just ensure your HERO3+ or HERO4 camera is up to date with the latest firmware from the GoPro website or through the GoPro app for iOS and Android. 

Motion Detection

Motion detectors compatible with Blink are now available here

Long term time lapse

Couple Blink with our Solar or Outdoor enclosures for long term time lapse solutions. Also, check out our Construction Time Lapse page for more information on all the parts you need for those longer term projects. 


  • Web-based enabled user interface for quick and easy configuration
  • Program up to 10 separate schedules for either time lapse or motion detection
  • Get status information from GoPro camera through user interface
  • Low power consumption for extended use (when WiFi off)
  • Using Blink is very simple. Just plug it into the camera and wait a couple of seconds for synchronization with the GoPro camera. Using a smartphone, tablet, or other WiFi enabled device, connect to the Blink WiFi network and navigate to the interface URL. For more information, see the Quick Start Guide and User Manual. Also check out our tutorial videos for a quick overview of the user interface.
  • Blink will fit inside the extended backdoors included in the GoPro Backdoor Kit that are designed to fit GoPro BacPac accessories. This will keep your device waterproof. Alternatively check out our Outdoor or Solar enclosures.


    Compatibility (Y/N)

    HERO4 Black

    HERO4 Silver

    HERO (2014)

    HERO3+ Black

    HERO3+ Silver

    HERO3 Black

    HERO3 Silver

    HERO3 White



  • Resources

    Learn how to use your Blink and get all the information you need to know here.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I have a time lapse and motion detection simultaneously?

    Yes, Blink allows for multiple schedules to be active at a time.

    How long will the battery last if I shoot some number of photos per hour?

    Calculating battery life is non-trivial. It depends on the camera model, firmware version, SD card speed, lighting conditions, battery size, age of the battery, ambient temperature, and more. To help you understand the issues and to calculate estimated battery life, consult the Camera Power Consumption Study and our Time Lapse Calculator.

    Does Blink work with your Battery Eliminators?

    Blink is not compatible with our Battery Eliminators but don’t worry because it has a battery eliminator incorporated! Powering the GoPro from Blink does not charge the battery. This makes the camera more reliable when recording for long periods by removing the heat generated by the battery charging circuit. This also bypasses the problem that some users have had with the HERO3+ charging logic causing the camera to freeze and require a reset. We recommend that when powering the camera from Blink, that you use a power source capable of providing 5V at 2Amps such as our V44 battery.

    Note that the internal camera battery will not be charged by Blink. Charging the camera would need to be done using the camera’s mini-USB port.

    What happens if there is a conflict between schedules?

    If multiple schedules have been set and there is a conflict between them, priority is given to the lower numbered schedule. For example, schedule 1 has priority over schedule 2.

    What can I connect to the circular jacks on my Blink?

    Please connect only CamDo-approved accessories to these jacks.  Do not connect other equipment, especially voltage sources such as your solar panel or battery, to these jacks.  Doing so will damage your Blink or camera.

    What does Blink weigh?

    Blink weighs 19g. This compares to a GoPro camera at 87g plus the GoPro extended enclosure at 71g.

    How do I change Blink's shooting schedule in the middle of a project?

    Blink's WiFi only remains active for 15 minutes after plugging the board into the GoPro camera to program the new settings before the WiFi is turned off to conserve power. Blink's WiFi can be turned back on by using the supplied push button remote plugged into the board's 2.5mm input, or by removing power from Blink and then restoring power.




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