USB OTG Cable for BlinkX, A Female/A Male/Micro-B 5pin, 1 ft

Product Code: LUS04

Used for updating BlinkX firmware, this OTG cable has a microUSB output. BlinkX controller and USB flash drive not included.

For miniOTG cable used with Blink, click this LINK.

How does the OTG cable work?

USB has two different kinds of endpoint. Only one device is the host, while all other devices are peripherals (clients). BlinkX typically acts as a peripheral device. An OTG cable enables the BlinkX to act as the host, with the USB flash drive as a peripheral that can be accessed by BlinkX to update the controller from a file on the drive.
BlinkX firmware update instructions can be found here:  https://cam-do.com/pages/blinkx-firmware