Drop Camera Underwater WiFi Inspection Pack



  • Underwater dam inspection and water well inspection made easy.

    Save thousands of dollars - no scuba divers required!

    Deploy in minutes saving hours in safety approvals.

    Let CamDo be your underwater eyes with our Underwater WiFi Dam and Water Well Inspection Pack.

    Use a GoPro camera to view in real time what’s happening underwater.

    • Dam Wall Inspection
    • Weir and Infrastructure Inspection
    • Fish Farms & Oyster Farms Inspection
    • Water Tanks and Water Wells Inspection
    • Livestreaming Marine Life
    • Inspect Delamination, Osmosis Damage, Algae Growth or Barnacles
    • Monitor Structural Conditions over time

    Learn how a Drop Camera Underwater WiFi Inspection Pack can save you thousands.
    Download our case study here.

    camera_enhanceImage Quality

    • GoPro 4K Image Quality
    • Adjustable standard and wide angle capture

    buildConstruction Quality

    • High quality rugged cable
    • High quality lighting system
    • Durable for harsh conditions

    settingsEasy setup

    • Deploy in minutes
    • Intuitive use
    • Simple storage

    videocamRecord or Broadcast Live

    wb_sunnyLow light performance

    • Dual LumeCube lighting system (3000 lumens) included
    • GoPro low light performance


    • Choose cable length to suit your application/depth (email sales here)
    • Flexible mounting system
    • Position camera and light to required angle

    When you need a high quality underwater vision system, look no further. This kit has been born out of the needs of professional and government organisations including Rescue Crews and the Coast Guard and as such is of the highest quality - GoPro image quality, LumeCube lighting system and the robust underwater wifi cable housed in a moulded foam hard enclosure.

    Provide your team with the means to safely and remotely inspect assets without entering the water. Using the GoPro app, view a real time video feed of the asset during inspections as well as providing a means of recording the video feed for future use, all in 4K quality.

    The pack includes the following:

    • GoPro HERO11 Black
    • GoPro Supersuit - good for 60m/196ft
    • 128GB SD card
    • 125 foot underwater WiFi cable
    • Dual LumeCube lighting system
    • Weight attachment
    • Waterproof hard shelled storage case
      • Molded foam interior
      • Spare slots for miscellaneous cables and chargers

  • Camera

    Compatibility ( Y / N )

    HERO 7-11 Black


    HERO 2018

    HERO5 Black

    HERO5 Session

    HERO4 Black

    HERO4 Silver

    HERO4 Session

    HERO+ WiFi (2014)


    HERO3+ Black

    HERO3+ Silver

    HERO3 Black

    HERO3 Silver

    HERO3 White



    *For cables shipped before Dec 2018 - The "HERO+ WiFi" camera cannot be removed from the Standard sized housing so cannot be used with WiFi Extension Cable lengths longer than 125ft that clip into the GoPro Dive Housing.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I replace the standard backdoor with the wet end of the Underwater WiFi Extension Cable (older version of wifi cable - not required for new version shipped after Dec 2018)?

    The standard backdoor of the GoPro Housing can be removed and replaced with the wet end of the Underwater WiFi Extension Cable. If you look at the bottom of the hinge holding the backdoor to the front of the housing, you should notice that it is slotted. The backdoor of the GoPro housing snaps off of the camera housing if you open the backdoor all the way and rotate or pull the backdoor downward. No tools are required. This video shows how to easily unclip the standard backdoor from the GoPro Housing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zghMZyiwqYs

    How far can the tablet or phone be from the dry-end antenna?

    It depends on the cable length, orientation of the dry-end antenna, the type of the antenna in the controlling device, and the interference from other signals. It will work for a few feet in most cases, but the closer the better.

    How do I determine the best orientation for the adapter relative to my phone?

    There are many apps available that show the WiFi signal strength. We use WiFi Analyzer

    How do I attach the dry end to the monitoring device?

    The dry end interface can be attached to the back of the phone or tablet using velcro or 3M double sided removable mounting squares. This is not required, your phone or tablet just needs to be relatively close.

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  • What is your return/exchange/warranty policy?

    A: We have a 15 day return policy for unused products. Product must be in original packaging and in new condition. For orders (over $1,500) and/or physically larger items (e.g. enclosures), a restocking fee of 10% will apply. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

    If the product is opened or used, the product can be returned within 15 days (except SD Cards and GoPro cameras which cannot be returned once opened). A 20% restocking fee will apply for refurbishing opened product. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

    If you are having trouble with the product, make sure you check our support area on the website for our Quick Start Guides and Product Documentation. Should you need additional help please contact support@cam-do.com however, please ensure you have submitted all of the information in the form first as our support team will ask for this information on our first reply email and it will save time: https://cam-do.com/search?type=page&q=ticket+support&view=search-support&submit=Search

    Should you consider the product be faulty you can request to return the product within 6 months for our assessment. If the product is confirmed to be faulty by CamDo, return shipping costs will be refunded along with a full product refund (except SD Cards and GoPro cameras which cannot be returned once opened). Should the returned items be confirmed functional, a 25% restocking fee will apply to the refund. To initiate a return or exchange, please contact support@cam-do.com to receive an RMA number. Do not ship a product back to us without an RMA number. We will examine all returned items to confirm their condition and contact you regarding the status of your refund. Upon acceptance, please allow 2-3 weeks for the refund to process once the item is received.

    We cannot support IT/wifi network/router/modem issues as there are too many variables. Please talk to your IT department/specialist/support team.

    Any dismantling or modification(s) to CamDo products will void any warranty and cannot be returned.

    GoPro products:HERO5 camera warranty issues are to be handled directly with CamDo. Any warranty issues with HERO6, HERO7, HERO8 and HERO9 cameras are to be handled directly between the customer and GoPro USA. Check out their warranty page here.

    LumeCube products: Any warranty issues with LumeCube products are to be handled directly between the customer and LumeCube USA. Just email support@lumecube.com and they will take it from there. Check out their warranty page here.

    Both GoPro and LumeCube are very responsive and is how their distribution model works - it is much quicker to get warranty response by emailing them directly.


    CamDo equipment is not fault-tolerant and not designed, manufactured or intended for use in extreme temperature or weather conditions, security surveillance, life support, emergency situations, hazardous or mission critical activities. You use CamDo equipment at at your own discretion and risk.


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