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9W Solar Kit


Our solar systems are designed for long term operation of your GoPro camera off the grid for construction time lapse photography and wildlife photography or security.

The Solar Kit consists of a 9W panel that upgrades your CamDo SolarX system to 18W of solar power (2 x 9W panels from the standard 1 x 9W panel).

  • The Solar Kit adds an extra 9W solar panel to give you a total of 18W of power (2 x 9W panels) when using DryX/SolarX. It comes with all necessary attachments (ball arm, socket) and wiring to get up and running in no time with your existing DryX/SolarX.

    The SolarX outdoor enclosure is fitted with a sturdy aluminum mounting bracket that contains multiple ¼"-20 threaded holes on the top, back, and bottom for use with standard tripod screws. Each solar panel is simply attached to this bracket using the included ¼"-20 ball mount and associated socket arm so the panel can be positioned for optimum sun exposure.

    The 9W Solar Panel Kit includes a "(2Fx1M) Y-cable" that can be used to connect two solar panels to simultaneously charge a single V50 (included with SolarX). Alternatively, our outdoor housings can fit two V50 battery packs that can each be charged from a separate solar panel. So if one panel gets dirty or covered by shadow, the second panel will continue to work hard for your project.

    What's in the box

    • 1 x 9W solar panel
    • Cabling to connect two solar panels simultaneously (2Fx1M Y-cable)
    • Ball mount
    • Ball arm

    Note, the outdoor enclosure is NOT included. Please see our SolarX product page.

    Solar Panel Specifications:

    9 Watt Solar Panel

    • Dimensions: 220 x 255 x 5mm (8.7 x 10.1 x 0.2in)
    • Weight: 360g (12.75oz)
    • Peak Current: 1500mA
    • Peak Power: 9.0W
    • Cell Type: Monocrystalline
    • Open Circuit Voltage: 7.0V
    • Peak Voltage: 6.0V
    • Cell Efficiency: 19%

    Battery and Enclosure Specifications:

    For battery and enclosure specifications, please see our SolarX product page.

  • The 9Watt Solar Panel Kit is only compatible with our DryX and SolarX Enclosures that have a aluminum mounting bracket and cable gland entry (product codes HSO04 or HDR03). It is not compatible with previous versions. The Solar Panel cannot be connected directly the camera or UpBlink. The solar panel does NOT output a regulated 5Volts and is used to charge our V50 battery pack.

    Solar System

    Compatibility ( Y / N )

    SolarX (HSO04)

    DryX with V50 (HDR05)

    Previous Solar systems
    (without aluminum mounting bracket)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Which CamDo Solar System is compatible with the SolarX-18W upgrade?

    The SolarX-18W upgrade is only compatible with the SolarX system. It is not compatible with previous versions. Refer Compatibility tab.

    How do I setup my system?

    View the Solar Power System set-up guide here.

    Will the solar panel be able to keep my time lapse running indefinitely?

    This would depend on the shooting cycle used and the sun exposure available in your location. We advise all customers to calculate their battery needs due to the many variables. We have a Time Lapse Calculator that can be used to help determine your ideal shooting interval and how long your battery should theoretically last using our controller boards and batteries. The Calculator also gives the rate at which the solar panel should be able to recharge your battery at your given location and with the panel angle that is used. Keep in mind that temperature, battery fatigue, and other electrical inefficiencies will prevent the camera from using the full battery capacity.

    How long will the battery last before it is discharged?

    It depends on many factors including your latitude, the amount of sun and cloud during your shoot, the controller you are using, the camera you are using and the shooting schedule you have programmed. There are too many variables to give a perfect answer but we have created a Time Lapse Calculator to work out the best setup for your shoot in your location.

    This uses our analysis of the power consumption of the various GoPro cameras and provides an explanation of how to calculate the theoretical battery life.

    Practically, we have run the system indefinitely taking one picture every 15 minutes with the WiFi on, in Canada in the summer.

  • General support can be found on our Support pages here.

    The CamDo UpBlink controller boards are typically used with our Solar Enclosures to provide programming flexibility while significantly reducing power consumption. Information on these controllers can be found on the following pages:




Also, read the FAQ's tab for more information.

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