GoPro Dive Housing

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The GoPro Dive Housing includes a set of Extended BacPac Backdoors are compatible with our Blink Controller!

This item will not be re-stocked. However, official GoPro products should readily be available locally at stores such as BestBuy or online from Amazon or B&H

The Dive Housing is designed for deep sea diving and extreme activities. The enclosure is ultra durable and waterproof to 197’ (60m).  Its flat glass lens delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water.

  • Durable

    • Ultra durable construction for deep sea diving and extreme activities.

    Suitable for underwater use.

    • Waterproof to 197’ (60m).
    • Flat glass lens delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water.

  • Camera

    Compatibility ( Y / N )

    HERO4 Black

    HERO4 Silver

    HERO (2014)

    HERO3+ Black

    HERO3+ Silver

    HERO3 Black

    HERO3 Silver

    HERO3 White



  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the maximum depth?

    GoPro rates the Dive Housing to 60 meters. We strongly recommend you test the housing and backpack with no camera every time you use it. A small scratch, dirt, grease or hair can be enough to allow water in. We do not test each backpack before shipping and do not know the maximum depth before failure for your unit.

    How can I avoid condensation on the lens?

    Condensation is a result of humid air being sealed in the box when you close it and condensing when there is a temperature change. Try to close the box in as dry an environment as possible. The Dive Housing allows for a thin sack of desiccant to be inserted inside the housing. For more information, Google for avoiding condensation in underwater cameras, where the problem is discussed at length by many experienced photographers.

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