Convert your GoPro into a GoPro DashCam

gopro dash cam

Use your existing GoPro as a Dashcam!

Auto start your GoPro camera and begin recording, auto stop and turn off when your vehicle turns off

  • Record for peace of mind & insurance
  • Capture exciting footage
  • Motorbike, race car, plane or helicopter
  • Family road trip or bike ride
  • Dash cam mounting options

The CamDo Dashcam Pack provides everything you need to use your GoPro as a dash cam in a handy kit. Mount your GoPro as a GoPro dash cam inside your vehicle,  attached to your motorbike or even your push bike. Check out our blog post here.

The technology behind this is the CamDo Dash GoPro controller which will automatically turn on the GoPro camera and start recording when your vehicle turns on and automatically stop recording and turn the GoPro off when your vehicle turns off. 

Dash has a number of Modes of operation to give you great flexibility in setting different run-on times for recording. It also supports scripting using the CamDo custom camera firmware.

buildRecord Evidence for Peace of Mind

  • Record incidents
  • Proof for insurance claims

settingsEasy & flexible setup

  • Intuitive - just plug in and get started
  • Auto start, auto stop
  • 8 different modes for flexibility

camera_enhanceImage Quality

  • GoPro 4K Image quality
  • Adjustable standard and wide angle capture
  • Compatible with all GoPro video modes including - record video, looping video, video & photo or video time lapse

extensionFlexible mounting

  • Choose GoPro dash mount to suit your application
    • Cars - windscreen or dash mount
    • Motorbikes
    • Helicopters
  • Infinite viewing / mounting angles


How to mount as a dash cam?

gopro dash mount and dash cam combination

Select your mounting style:

Need a mount for your GoPro dashcam?

To mount your GoPro Dashcam we recommend the mounting eco-system from RAM mounts and have selected the most common types below. The RAM ball mount system is a high-quality product with a lifetime warranty from RAM and provides ultimate flexibility for aiming your GoPro.

Select your arm length:

If you are using the ball mount system, select an arm length below.

This will connect your selected mount above to the ball mount on the base of your GoPro.

Select your USB cable length:

If you don't have any USB cables handy, you can grab one below. You'll need a minimum of 1 x USB-mini cable to trigger Dash when your vehicle starts.

USB Mini Cable to Male-A (3 feet)


trending_upDashcam Upgrade Options

Add a camera, alternate frame or external battery to your pack below.


Recording Options

The video looping feature of the GoPro HERO cameras allows you to shoot5 minutes to 2 hours of video in a continuous loop. When the programmed time is up, the camera will erase the first segment of the video and begin recording a new segment. The video is saved in segments which can be combined using GoPro’s Cineform Studio. Segment length depends on the total time selected.

Powering the Camera

By powering the GoPro camera via the USB connection on the side of Dash, ignition power can be detected and the camera automatically activated. Power is provided via a USB car charger which plugs into the accessory jack (cigarette lighter) of the vehicle. The USB cable can be any USB Male A type plug to a USB mini male plug. We have suitable cables for sale below if you need one including a longer 10ft cable if you wish to mount the camera further away (eg behind the driver).

Connecting the CamDo Dash Controller

The Dash USB trigger input will work on any 5V input so it can run off either the 5 volt USB cable power, or an alternate custom trigger system of your own design.

As chargers with 2 outputs are readily available (as included in the pack), it makes sense to connect the board and camera charging USB cable to the same adapter.

The charger should be plugged into a accessory/cigarette lighter jack that is wired in such a way that it is not on unless the ignition is turned on. Some vehicles have both types (eg an always on jack for car refrigerators etc) so please check your particular setup.

Run on Time

The camera will begin recording on receipt of ignition  power and continue to record until USB power is removed (ie when the vehicle turns off). The run-on time is 60 seconds or 10 minutes (user configurable).

Modes are as follows:

Dash Modes



Camera Action / Operation

USB power received

USB power removed


Turn on and start recording

Stop recording and turn off


Turn on and start recording

Continue recording for 1 minute, then stop recording and turn off


Turn on and start recording

Continue recording for  10 minutes, then stop recording and turn off


Turn on and start recording

Do Nothing


Turn on

Stop recording (if recording), and Turn off


Turn on

Wait 1 minute (note camera may not be recording in this mode eg if using scripts), then stop recording (if recording) and turn off


Turn on

Wait 10 minutes (note camera may not be recording in this mode eg if using scripts), then stop recording (if recording) and turn off


Turn on

Do Nothing

See the 'Dash' manual in our Resources section for further detail

Camera Settings

Set the camera to operate in your preferred mode (any video mode - video, time lapse video, video + photo, or looping mode). Dash will automatically select ‘Video’ mode on the camera so the last chosen settings will be used. Settings to consider:

At this time, there is a bug in the GoPro firmware for the loop recording MAX setting. Choosing the MAX setting will work for a while, but at some point, the camera will decide (incorrectly) that there is not enough room on the SD card to continue. We do not recommend using the MAX setting as it wastes space on the SD card. This may be fixed in future firmware releases by GoPro. If you wish to maximise the loop, we presently recommend using the 2 hour setting. Alternatively, if  you do not wish to overwrite footage, just choose a standard video setting.


Which GoPro cameras is Dash compatible with? 

Dash is compatible with HERO4 Silver & HERO4 Black cameras.

My race car vibrates a lot. How do I keep the USB cable in the camera?

We recommend placing a loop in the USB cable and a cable tie to provide a level of security and to reduce the vibration.

What camera works best with the package?

The package works with the HERO4 cameras. If you are recording the video for later viewing, the HERO4 Black is the best option since it can capture high quality video at 4K resolution at 30fps while the HERO4 Silver can only achieve 15fps at 4K quality. This page might be useful in making your camera decision.

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