Super One Button Mode

Super One Button Mode
For GoPro HERO3 Black and HERO3+ cameras for use with CamDo Controllers

The CamDo Time Lapse Controller, Programmable Scheduler and Motion Detector products for the GoPro HERO3 Black and HERO3+ cameras are designed to turn on the camera automatically for time lapse photography or video.

When the camera turns on, Super One Button Mode scripts can be executed to carry out one or more functions. The most common function is to simply take one photo, store it on the SD card, and turn off the camera as fast as possible. This allows the camera to run for days on the internal battery.

The free Super One Button Mode scripts identified H3B only work with the HERO3 Black camera and requires at least firmware version HD3.03.03.00, released July 29, 2013 or newer. It is recommended that you update to this version of the firmware if you don't already have it. As GoPro releases updates, we will test the operation with the new firmware.

There is a real possibility that a future GoPro firmware release will cause the scripts available on this page to not work. In that case, the solution will be to continue using an older version of the camera firmware. Backup the current firmware for your camera.

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